is TV eating up your life?

Well, I asked the mighty google how much TV the average American watches and it was at almost 5 hours a day. Wow…..

That’s allot of time-if you spent that playing a musical instrument, you’d be at a high level in a few years. If you spent that reading, you’d be well read within a year or two. If you spent that working…. Well, you get the idea….

It’s strange…. During my “lean” years, I didn’t own a TV. When I finally got one, I was too ADD to sit through commercials and only watched stuff like The Simpsons and Family Guy. I occasionally pop in a DVD and get to a movie theater maybe every other month. I like video games but haven’t even picked up the controller in a few weeks….

I kinda noticed I’ve been “out of step” with most people I meet…. Well, there’s this huge world, maybe I am exploring it a little more than a TV junkie. Now, I might get 4-5 hours of TV in in a week. As far as media I consume most voraciously, that’d be music and blogs. I try to get in at least one printed book a month. Some months I do better than others….

Well, if you are watching more than 2 hours of TV a day, I challenge you to fill the time with something else….

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