I just looked up this definition of misogyny:

“hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.”

whoa, now, mistrust is misogyny….

now at the same dictionary, misandry is:

“hatred of males”

not hatred, dislike or mistrust of males, just hatred of males….

so if you merely distrust or dislike women, you are a misogynist–you absolutely must hate males to be misandrist…

Am I misreading or is there a lower threshold to be a misogynist?

and am I being too picky to note the first definition includes woman but not girls whereas the second definition includes males-presumably boys and men….

5 thoughts on “misogyny/misandry

  1. I smell a major double standard.

    Perhaps thew dictionary you’re reading was written by a pro-women type.When I’d looked them up months ago,they seemed pretty balanced to me in my dictionary(Marrian -Phone app dictionary).

  2. Yeah, I looked that up to just recently. Amanda Marcotte called a comment of mine at Slate misogynist. I was offended since I really love women. But if mistrust is part of the definition then that may be true. (Basically, I think most women will behave ethically most of the time, but many will lapse and you can’t be sure when that might happen.)

    The funny thing is that it’s clear that women mistrust men more than men mistrust women. If women trusted men, there would be no need for anti-rape campaigns, no need for child support, no need for equal pay laws, etc. Feminism is completely built on the mistrust of men.

  3. You think that’s bad…I’m typing in firefox right now with spellcheck on. Misandry gets a red squiggly line under it as a potential misspelled word or something that isn’t a word. Misogyny however, works just fine. Bullshit. See, even our language is biased.

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