America is F%cked

So, something crossed my mind this morning….

I decided to ask the mighty google how much it costs to house an inmate….

According to this-it is $47,102-at least in California.

Then I asked the mighty google how much the average person makes.

This says the average household income is $46,326.

Let’s unpack this a little further….

According to the Great Wiki:

“The median income per household member was clocked at $24,672 in 2005. This means that the average Joe earns roughly $32,000 a year, lives in a household with an income of $46,000 with $24,000 of gross annual income per member.[11] Personal income changes considerably over the life-time of the average American, from $28,000 at age 25 to about $42,000 at the age of 65. Yet, very young and old persons would commonly not be considered to be average Americans.”

According to this 46 million Americans don’t have health insurance. Well, at least prisoners have health care.

So, a few things rushed through my mind. In this “system” we have-would some people feel more incentive to be a criminal than work a minimum wage job?

Why do we have so many prisoners? Sure, Anders Breivik and James Holmes need to be locked up forever if not made to ride the lightning. Wouldn’t it be better to have non-violent drug offenders working a job and paying taxes than eating up more than the average household income sitting in a cell? Anyways, it seems that a system where criminals take more than honest people make is unsustainable at some point or another…..

2 thoughts on “America is F%cked

  1. As with most things in our society, an answer can be found in the expression “Follow the money.”

    The reason so many are in prison is the for-profit prison system that lobbies Congress and local municipalities to keep stringent drug laws in place. Below are a few links, one which deals with drugs, but both which explain what goes on. Scary styff.

    I wish I could find a link to some testimony from someone who represented the private prison lobby addressed to a convention. He spoke of how the loosening of marijuana laws would harm his “client base” and “decrease revenue,” or something like that.

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