Great minds stink alike….

So I was perusing some manosphere blogs today….

Wow, I noticed that similar themes kept coming up, yesterday, I had written about the manosphere, then I saw this from Don Giovanni Dannato.

I had written about ways you can (supposedly) make yourself smarter–then I read this by Eric Patton where he mentions the Dual-N-Back game.

Then I was over at Creepy Crawly Advocatus Diaboli’s page and I noticed a peculiar word. I was like, dang, that’s “my” peculiar word.

Wow, the coincidence is too much….

8 thoughts on “Great minds stink alike….

    1. I like this quote:

      “At a conceptual level intelligence is the ability to learn, to profit from experience, the ability to adapt to new situations, and the ability to solve problems.”

      I wonder if playing a musical instrument makes you smarter or if smarter people are drawn to playing a musical instrument….

      1. I’m open to the former explanation but the cynical side of me says it’s the latter one. On the plus side, there’s the well-documented Flynn effect. On the minus side is the observation that high performance in an activity is heavily domain-specific with relatively little transfer to another domain.

        So playing N-back may just make you a better N-back player. I hope I’m wrong about this.

    2. I do agree with the premise that most of the brain-training games from Nintendo, ect are bullshit. They are generally focused on being fun more than anything else.

      There aren’t enough studies for or against it for a reliable meta-analysis to take place. We’re going mainly off of empirical evidence gathered from many people who dove in on their own, plus the dozen or so studies. Mainstream science is slow, a decade from now they will make up their minds.

  1. Ray,

    One thing I’ve noticed of things that MAY increase intelligence from Win Wenger’s Image Streaming, to playing a musical instrument is that they incorporate multiple parts of the brain….

    IE-playing an instrument requires listening, hand movement or mouth movement and perhaps even visual skills if one is using notation.

    For image streaming, one is attempting to visualize with their mind’s eye then describe what they see out loud. It seems the “theory” is the brain develops synapses by visualizing then describing. I am not a doctor and I already feel I’m “talking above my paygrade” here.

    So it seems crystal intelligence can be increase by reading, having new experiences, conversations etc.

    Fluid intelligence many say is something you are born with. Well, many increase physical strength with lifting weights, it seems intuitive there would be similar activities for the brain.

    1. One thing I’ve noticed of things that MAY increase intelligence from Win Wenger’s Image Streaming, to playing a musical instrument is that they incorporate multiple parts of the brain….

      Yep, I’ve heard of it, even tried it out myself a bit. There may be something to it, although it’s gotten mixed reviews. Wenger himself is prone to making impossible claims about the brain, such as we only use a small percentage of it. There’s no way humans could have evolved such a heavy, energy-hungry organ without severe selection pressure.

  2. I think your comment at Don’s place was wrong.
    “The Manosphere” might be said to agree on anti-feminism.
    Even people like me (and not everyone in the manosphere is like me obviously) who might have been ok with actual, real “egalitarian” feminism feel constrained to resist the tool of mass gender oppression that modern Marcotte-type feminism has become.
    We hardly ever get to work with feminists because they :
    A. Hardly ever have projects or ideas that would help the vast majority of men, or hell, often men at all.
    B. Won’t work with us.

    So in affect , modern feminism either works against things that would help men (equal parenting legislation or at least tougher penalties for access blocking), actively works FOR things that would oppress more men , or else works to “fix” things -such as the ability to be more effiminate – that most men have no interest in.

    Needless to say this is generating more and more pushback by a whole hellovalot of people who often have little else in common.

    1. Clarence,

      When I was trying to think of a theme that unified the manosphere, the first thing I thought was “it’s all male.” Well, it might be 90+ percent all male but there are female commenters and even bloggers. The next thing I thought was that it is “anti-feminist” but since there is the whole feminism isn’t one big monolith you will sometimes find statements made by manosphere bloggers that sometimes mirror feminist statements. Granted most feminists and most manospherians would disagree just to disagree at this point but….

      Even David Futrelle has sometimes agreed with things in the manosphere-case in point, he actually gave props to an article at The-Spearhead. (Google the-spearhead-accidentally-gives-men-some-good-advice-about-rape.) He even gave props to Matt Forney when he called MRA’s a bunch of whiners. That may be the point of the enemy of my enemy is my freind or he might actually of secretly liked some of Mr. Forney’s more racist statements (yeah, I’m talking sh*t.)

      Also, you would see allot of “white knighting” within the comments of Inmalafide. Some So Cons who might mirror some of Schwyzer’s paternalism towards young women. Also, irony of ironies you might see an MRA saying a women should be held accountable for a crime and then a 2nd Waver actually saying, “That’s what We’ve been saying all these years-women should be taken serious.” And The Art of Manliness recommends books by Michael Kimmel, an author who is held in high regard by Hugo Schwyzer.

      Anyways, I generally agree with your two points above. You’ve seen my statements at FC. There are also many women who won’t identify as feminist although they may have a stake in women’s issues for similar reasons.

      So, while there might be anti-feminists within the ranks of the manosphere, it would be over simplified to say the manosphere is anti-feminist. Even though many white nationalists lurk within the manosphere, it would also be incorrect to label the manosphere racist. That is my bigger point.

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