sometimes you find a nugget of gold in a sewer….

So it seems this vid is going around the gendersphere….

Comes across as very one sided….

They talk about misogyny but never misandry….

They never address all those “man up” articles or the reason why there aren’t any “woman up” articles….

They righteously discuss the terrible online treatment of a female rape victim but don’t discuss the fact that male victims are treated just as bad.

There also seems to be that attitude of don’t you dare critique feminism….

Well, I’ve often compared reading blogs in the gendersphere to looking for nuggets of gold in a sewer with open wounds on your flesh….

I did find one very insightful comment by Alice Marwick….

“(Men) are discouraged from talking about gender.”

She mentions that women have been talking about gender since the Seneca Falls Convention almost 200 years ago.

She also mentions fear and entitlement regarding men talking about gender. Well, when you don’t have a place to talk about gender and when you do try to talk about it at a place that doesn’t see your view as legitimate, then it very likely is more frustration at being silenced. At being accused of mansplainin’. At being told that the men’s center is everywhere else. At being told to “man up” because your needs and feelings don’t really matter.

Well, if the manosphere can create a net positive, it could be this. It can be a place for men to talk about their lives and experiences. A place to talk about gender. A place to speak without using feminist jargon like patriarchy. A place to speak without placating to others be they women, feminists, other men, employers or a nation that would gladly send you to die for a barrel of oil…

Thanks to Days of Broken Arrows for dropping me a link to this vid…

7 thoughts on “sometimes you find a nugget of gold in a sewer….

  1. Thanks for the hat tip.

    What bugged me about this is they’re making like it’ a new thing. Men have been getting “flamed” online since before the invention of the word “flamed.” If you wanted to voice an opinion online, one of the side effects of it was unfiltered responses — good and bad. We all knew that (or learned the hard way).

    Now that women are getting attacked, they’re acting like it’s some sort of urgent political crisis. They neglect to mention that if women are to be considered equals, they’re going to be treated equal — and that also means equally bad. Raise your hand if you’ve never been attacked online. I’ve been insulted personally and professionally.

    This is just poor, one-sided reporting with no context.

  2. (aheh, this is where I meant to put this comment, not the other article… oops)

    I’m starting to wonder if it’s even possible to have a male-only space that isn’t hostile to women. And contrary to popular belief, this isn’t because I think any gathering of men will inherently turn misogynistic, rather the opposite.

    Any space that isn’t completely alienating to women will eventually be …. “invaded” (for lack of a better term) by women, who will then insist that it conform to their sensibilities. Look at Geek culture for example.

    You can see this happening in places like The Good Men Project. Most of their readers are women, a good percentage of their articles are not even remotely about men, and another significant percentage are about how men’s lives affect women. And even when the article is about men… often it is written by a woman.

  3. Thanks for posting that e-patriarchy video I’d liked to. The video now has more dislikes than likes, which was my goal. Good job getting the word out.

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