Feminism is not a monolith…

Interesting comment by Ginko….

“When we hear that feminism is not a monolith, this is what it means. It (means) that no, not everyone has the same views, especially the odious ones, but no one is willing to come out and denounce those odioius views and distance themselves from them. And that means there really is no distance between those odious views, is there?

And this is not some impossible standard that no one else is held to. Nationalist or ethnic identity movements sooner or later have to cut their racist elements loose, which is pretty hard for them to do because nationalism is almost always ultimately racist. The only way it really works is if the ethnic pride movement reaches out and advocates for others, especially whatever group they were vilifying. So likewise for a feminist to prove to me she is not a man-hater, she has to at least talk like an MRA.”

Chuck Rudd analysis an article by Amanda Marcotte here.

“People like Marcotte remind us every day that feminists are not monolithic. According to them, one cannot characterize a feminist’s philosophy or values based only on her feminist label. Unfortunately, Marcotte doesn’t extend the same flexibility to MRAs, and she even forgets her leniency for certain feminists. She focuses on four issues and constructs the most extreme MRA argument to support her disdain for the group and posits a soft brand of feminism while pretending that feminism was created for everyone rather than just for women.”

So how come that bigot with the flashing sarcasm button lumps everyone who thinks “men are people too” as a large monolithic group of stupid, red neck misogynists (even the women)?

6 thoughts on “Feminism is not a monolith…

  1. Interestingly, I was informed a few months back on another forum (Alas, a Blog) that while feminism is not a monolith, anti-feminism IS. Anti-feminism always and everywhere means only one thing–hatred of women.

    It’s an interesting problem in set theory; i haven’t quite worked it out yet.

  2. I take it you don’t “believe” in anything spiritual? If you do, keep in mind that the Tibetan Book of the Dead tells us that enlightenment (much like the money you are talking about in your post) comes to us at the end, but only if we expect it and work for it. As I have aged, I have had more and more of this, a mere taste, therefore I am quite certain this is true. The real cheat with suicide is just like if you saved that money and you never got to spend it. All of “this” (life) is worth something, and you only start to learn what it is after you are 50… and each year, realizations and enlightenment increase. IF and only if, you make it a priority. IF self-involvement and “physical enjoyment” are your priorities, then the last year of your life probably WILL be pretty bad… but then, so will most of your life before that point too.

  3. Well shit, that comment was supposed to be on your suicide post. LOL. Move it there or pretend you read it there.

    Kinda funny, this post mentioned Marcotte and she is very “anti-spiritual”, she wouldn’t like to read this comment here.

    So, never mind, leave it here then! 😀

    1. so this is the post you were referring to: https://stonerwithaboner.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/abortion-and-euthanasia/

      left here for the sake of continuity…..

      I’m not spiritual per se….


      It’s more about the idea of one having autonomy over their own existence and being able to decide when “their number’s up.”

      What about someone who is in immense pain?

      What about someone who loses their mental acuity as they get closer to death?

      Does an individual decide when their life is no longer worth living?

      as with many articles in the manosphere, the Captain’s writing style was, eh, blunt but it opens the door for interesting discussion….

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