the power of the beard….

Well, I’ve done a bunch of different things with my facial hair over the past few years….

I’ve had chin straps, long 70’s rocker sideburns, scruffy beards, soul patches, devil goatee’s, even a neckbeardish thing at one point….

I really haven’t had much of a proper beard though…

So I’ve trimmed up the stach under the nose, trimmed the chiny, chin chin…

Shaved the edges of my neck to create a border between my jaw and my throat….

Shaved the upper part of my cheek but left a little on the lower part….

Trimmed the loose hairs over the upper lip…

Shaved under the lower lip where a soul patch used to be down to where my chin starts….

Strangely, when I looked in the mirror, I don’t quite recognize myself…

I don’t look as much like a rocker as I did before and I don’t quite look like a businessman either…

I’ve been told that women dislike facial hair…. Well, maybe the one’s who hate men with facial hair are women I’m better off not knowing…. Maybe my beard will protect me for misandrist women like garlic from a vampire….

8 thoughts on “the power of the beard….

  1. Younger hipster women — esp. urban ones — are beard groupies. Go on OKCupid and do a keyword search for “beard” in the twentysomething age bracket. You’ll be surprised.

  2. If you’re in your very early twenties, women that are a little older, but still attractive, are going to be more reluctant to go near you, on account of you looking too baby faced.

    I’ve never tried this, but I think a beard would be a great way to make you look that bit older, so as long as it doesn’t look sloppy. I intend to soon.

      1. “Compulsory heterosexuality is the assumption that women and men are innately attracted to each other emotionally and sexually and that heterosexuality is normal and universal. This institutionalization of heterosexuality in our society leads to an institutionalized inequality of power not only between heterosexuals and non-heterosexuals, but also between men and women, with far reaching consequences. ”

        “The second, and closely-related assumption, is that men’s affinity for facial hair is naturally to be measured entirely in terms of what women want.’”–QRG

        Maybe a jump in logic, but likely why those interested in Men’s Rights and MGTOW are referred to as “bitter loser’s who can’t get laid.” When men stop listening to what women (and society) want, lots of people start getting mad. Just look at the trainwreck that is TGMP….

        So to take your statement:

        “Man, why should everything in life be related to what women think? That’s pathetic.”

        In America, other guys might call you a “fag” for uttering such words and women might say “why do you hate us?” That’s just like a feminist calling anyone she disagrees with a misogynist by default….

      2. “In America, other guys might call you a “fag” for uttering such words and women might say “why do you hate us?””

        The first one (calling someone a “fag”) is mental war. The second one (asking “why do you hate us?”) is partially mental war, but it can be answered by “because you are evil” (the truth).

        According to my observations, it is faggots (bisexuals) who score the most with women and who have usually girlfriends. I doubt there are fully homosexual men; the majority of them are bisexuals. On the other hand, I have doubts that the majority of PUAs are bisexuals, as I have doubts that most of them are liars. Except for those who are making real efforts to get laid, like Roosh or Krauser, those who are getting laid easily are mostly bisexuals.

        Also, I doubt that there are fully homosexual women. In fact, I think that most Lesbians will have sex with a specific category of men: the handlers. I can tell you from personal experience with some Lesbians that they will give sex to some specified men.

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