Abortion and Euthanasia….

Well, I think we all realize that abortion is a complex issue….

Yup, on one hand I may not have a right to tell a woman what to do with her body…

However, it seems like the feminists just seem a little kill crazy when they talk about a woman’s right…

And, even worse when someone like Hugo Schwyzer seems to think a man is a subhuman beast who doesn’t deserve to know the true paternity of “his” children…

I ain’t the poster boy for the “alt-right,” not by a long shot…

However, this article by Chuck Rudd kind gets close to my feelings on the topic….

“I always feel that I have to say that I don’t care much either way about abortion. More than the actual life or death of fetuses, I get fired up by the misrepresentation of rhetoric in the debate. I do believe that an unflinching acceptance of abortion – which is what feminists and progressives hope to achieve – fosters a culture of death. Or, a culture that values non-existence over existence.

Even then, at the individual level I do empathize with some women who find themselves in a bad situation….”

Yeah, well something I’ve never understood is how the so called caring liberals can be pro abortion without seeming to consider the choice, uh, child….

And then I’ve never understood those “tough guy” conservatives who shop at Walmart, seem okay sending men to kill and die for oil and then say abortion is murder….

Neither side is a group I’ll throw in with…

Then there’s a whole other topic that doesn’t seem to get too much talk time around the gendersphere–euthanasia…

Well, if your body and mind are yours, then don’t you have the right to end your life at any time?

I suppose there should be prohibitions on it…

I’m sure there are those of us who go through a dark patch of clinical depression and that might seem like a good way out… …but then a few months later, life might seem bearable, enjoyable even. Would suicide be an option many may regret?

Captain Capitalism sounds almost like Creepy Crawly Advocatus Diaboli in this post:

“Fourth, let us talk about death. You are going to die. I know your professors may have told you differently, but then again, I’m sure their arguments against mortality were just as convincing as their arguments for socialism, but I’m so sorry to have to say this, you are going to die. However, unless you get in an accident, it isn’t going to be POOF, you’re dead. There will probably be a deterioration in your health. And that deteriorating period will not be a pleasant time. It will also be a VERY expensive time for you. The vast majority of your medical expenses in your life will be incurred in the last 6 months of your life. The price tag will of course vary, but it can easily be $200,000 or more.

So let me ask you this. You slave away today in your health and youth. And by “slave away” I mean sacrifice your time to build up the money to pay for your last 6 months of life that is going to really suck. And because those last 6 months of your life are going to be so expensive, you have to sacrifice much more time TODAY to work up the money to pay for those last 6 months. To save up $200,000, heck, that’s going to take at LEAST 5 years.

So, if I understand this correctly, you’re going to sacrifice 5 years of your HEALTHY YOUTH to live another 6 painful, rotten, bed-ridden months.

I got a better plan. I call it the “Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan.” It costs only 33 cents. (Ah ah ah. Think it through before knee-jerking a reaction).”

I suppose this is what a businessman would call a cost-benefits analysis…

Or maybe he was just stating the ole rock’n’roll mantra–

“Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Pretty Corpse…”

2 thoughts on “Abortion and Euthanasia….

  1. Realistically, we do have a chance of seeing death defeated in our lifetimes. I do have actual high-level scientists in my family I can talk to in order to clear out the fog and stuff. And from what I gathered, it’s actually realistic that nano-medicine and such could be commonplace in the next 20-30 years.

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