Well, I was sitting with my friend eating Pho in a divey restaurant….

There was a rambunctious group of people behind us. They didn’t talk much but every few moments, a bunch of laughter would erupt. When I looked back, I realized they were deaf as they made frequent hand motions. I mentioned to my friend that I was a little jealous cause they were having so much fun and we were just sitting there…

I suggested we just randomly laugh….

Our first attempt sounded sinister, like the laugh on the fadeout to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” That caused me to laugh more. Then we laughed more after that. And more….

Yup, laughing made my mood improve instantly…

I just tried it again and the effect was similar…. Even more fun than cracking open a beer…

If you are feeling a little stressed, just give a laugh like in the video below, people might think you are crazy but so what…

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