another slimey, misogynist MGTOW tears apart a whole gender because he can’t get a laid

“If you want men to be more interested in long-term commitment, the best place to start is with fixing women. Women need to learn to be a value-add to the lives of their boyfriends, instead of a burden. Traditionally, men are expected to spend a great deal of time on their women with tasks like paying for dates, listening to them, and initiating/escalating physical intimacy. If women could come to relationships with fewer demands, men would be more interested. After all, men do want the benefits of long-term love. They just don’t want the price to be higher than the rewards.”

Yup, I think whomever said this has a really, really small penis and hates women cuz his mommy wouldn’t let him have a puppy dog or any GI Joe’s. I bet it was some manosphere loser who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a handful of fifties. Maybe he’s just mad because he is secretly gay and too chickensh*t to get outta the closet….


Maybe, just maybe… I played a prank on y’all…

10 thoughts on “another slimey, misogynist MGTOW tears apart a whole gender because he can’t get a laid

  1. That Slate article is a good example of what is called hamster food in the manosphere — basically, telling women what they want to hear. Because it simply cannot be that the women are making foolish choices in dating or relationships, or that they are failing to measure up to men’s standards by getting too fat, slutty or cuntish. No, everything is always the fault of men because, how could it be otherwise? Besides, all women are perfect and never make mistakes, ever. And even if they do it’s all the fault of evil patriarchal oppression, not any shortcoming or wrongdoing on their part.

  2. For once, the Jezebel article linked in the replies has a more sensible take on the issue: Hookup Culture is not a bad thing. Young women CHOOSE to have casual relationships for pretty much the same reasons young men do–because anything beyond that is a huge hassle and has too many headaches.

    Jezebel casts it as a positive for women only, of course (after all, who cares if it benefits men? Men don’t have needs.). But still… at least they’re not putting on a moral-panic display to get all the sex-haters wagging their fingers and tut-tutting.

  3. you ladies sound very bitter. some men must have really hurt you. well, not all men are like that. you’ll never attract husbands with your attitudes.

  4. Maybe he’s just mad because he is secretly gay and too chickensh*t to get outta the closet….

    Gotta love a homophobic feminist….complains about “how date you attack my whole gender” while she FREELY uses hate speech about gay men.

    Lovely. Just lovely. What a wonderful thing. Now may god speed the day that more GAY men like myself start to figure out the truth…feminists hate US too….

    1. “Redstockings were strongly opposed to lesbian separatism, seeing interpersonal relationships with men as an important arena of feminist struggle, and hence seeing separatism as escapist. (Like most radical feminists of the time, Redstockings saw lesbianism primarily as a political identity rather than a fundamental part of personal identity, and therefore analyzed it primarily in political terms.) Redstockings were also opposed to male homosexuality, which they saw as a deeply misogynist rejection of women. Redstockings’ line on gay men and lesbians is often criticized as homophobic.[7]”

      If this line of thinking sounds extreme, feminist Jill Filipovich somewhat recently said that men who don’t perform cunnilingus were misogynists. She gave gay men a pass but there was so much shaming, she may of well accused men who don’t like that act as being gay. In fact feminist’s often berate men’s masculinity with derisive terms such as mansplainin’, what about teh menz and Nice Guys ™ ….

  5. “If women could come to relationships with fewer demands, men would be more interested.”

    No doubt. I’ve met women who have a 2 foot long list of things they *require* in a potential boyfriend/husband, but get terribly offended if a suggestion is made about a trait they could change in themselves. Listen ladies, most men don’t want to be a standin father figure or sugar daddy…they want a partner. Acting like a spoiled brat who deserves the world won’t win you any prizes, and looking for someone to just take all your debt/insecurities onto his own shoulders won’t get you a man.

    Either be happy with solitude like I am, or change your ways and be more pleasant/negotiable.

  6. I wonder when people will start to realise that when ever you make a comment that attempts to shame the OP, it says more about you than anyone else. Small penis? really? That’s childish nonsense. How about next time you try some debate instead of the over done shaming, it’s boring.

  7. I disagree with the men of MGTOW stereotyping & hating women, but it is not right to call them losers with small penises. Not having a significant other doesn’t automatically make someone a loser, & the size of a man’s penis should NEVER matter.

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