….some nice articles across the web….

So, like a good man-o-sphere mindless drone denizen, you’ve been reading Roosh V and hitting the hotspots just a little more then you’ve been hitting the gym. Maybe you’ve been worried that you might be “beta” by buying ladies drinks. Well, this article shows what the “bar girls” really think of you.

“We never have to pay covers,” Amy says. “Everyone knows us. They just let us in. Guys pay for all that.”

Yeah, I think I’ll just stick to metal shows….

Seems like this guy knows about male disposability on one level or another; “We were tools in the toolbox, and when things go well they promote it. They inflate their roles.”

He also suggests that the assassination of Osama was great PR for Obama. and then he mentions an unkept promise by a politician, “We never got the call to have a beer at the White House.” Joking with a fellow SEAL, “Hey, did you ever hear anything about that beer?” Walt cracks: “ You believed that shit. I bet you voted for change too, sucker.”

Whether it’s O’Bummer or RMoney, that’s the only thing I got faith in from those well-connected sociopaths–more lies and broken promises…


Via Chuck Rudd a Princeton Professor is unhappy how some misandrists missused her research for their “agenda.” Sara McLanahan states, “Two parents committed to each other and to raising a child together are more likely to provide the economic and emotional security children need. That large numbers of fathers cannot provide economic and emotional security constitutes a serious social problem.”

Yup, coming from a broken home really sucks. But after all, I was a choice, not a child. I better shut up now before the thought police ™ accuse me of mansplainin’. For don’chya know my life experiences are worth far less than their “gender theory” and public funding….

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