The Big 5????

So, uh, there’s this test going around the manopshere to illustrate one’s level of narciscism….

Surprise, surprise-bloggers are a narcistic bunch. Did you really need me to tell you that?

Well, I took it and am proud to say that the results showed I was highest on self-suffiency and lowest on exploitativeness

Then, there’s the Big Five in regards to personality traits….

They are:






Well, I was close to middle of the pack for three of the Big Five.

I was extremely high in Openness and low in Agreeableness. I guess that makes me an ornery artist type.

If your curious, the test is here.

I already got in abunch of pointless arguments with the feminasties, am I also gonna do this with all the uptighty alter-righties????

So, GL Piggy has this article up. Well, it feels like a Hugo Schwyzer article where he makes pretty broad statements. –Sorry, Chuck, don’t mean to compare you to one of the worst individuals in the blogosphere but…

….I felt like I’ve been in this predicament before. He talks about violence and that a white guy is more likely to get the sh*t beat outta him in a black neighborhood then a black guy is to be hurt by law enforcement in a white neighborhood. Well, this feels like one of those arguments where the feminasties talk about how baaaad violence perpetrated by men upon women is-and for the record I NEVER SAID IT WAS A GOOD THING. (David Fatrelle, if your trolling, I’m sure you’ll find a new way to be dishonest and misquote me so f*ck you!) Going on with the analogy, I just felt compelled to say the equivalent of women commit violence against men. It ain’t going over so well. People get soooo defensive when you throw a wrench into their “unshakeable” ideologies…

What I did say is that a black guy could be seriously harassed by the coppers and referred to the case of Abner Louima. Yup, the alty righties are telling me to f*ck off similar to the feminasties…

Now, I don’t suppose the righties talk about “privilege” so much. I do remember one time the feminasties at feministe accused me of being “privileged.” I did acknowledge that I might have some “privilege” but not the kind they seemed to think. If I did have “privilege” it was that at one point in my life, I was able to walk in the sketchier parts of town at 3am. Yup, most full blooded white guys and most women of all colors wouldn’t have felt too safe. But, damnit, it really wasn’t privilege to be so broke that I was in a ghetto part of town with hardly any money. I’d rather the dictionary version of privilege of having a million bucks in the bank. And, yeah, I definitely endured harassment by law enforcement. Anyways, glad those days are behind me, it’s amazing how much of an upgrade that an extra $200 a month in rent can provide to one’s lifestyle…

Great quote about animal nature….

“… Every animal with blood in its veins and horns on its head will fight when it is attacked. How much more so will man, who carries in his breast the faculties of love and hatred, joy and anger! When he is pleased, a feeling of affection springs up within him; when angry, his poisoned sting is brought into play. That is the natural law which governs his being….”


The Manosphere is not a monolith…..

Well it’s kind of funny how bigots like David Fatrelle will go on and on for hours about how evilllle MRA’s are and the concept that men are also people too is absurd but will state that feminism is not a monolith whenever someone brings up a supremely hateful individual like Vilet Tiptree. It is obvious that he doesn’t grant his opponents the same benefit of the doubt not because they are unworthy but because he is an idealogue more interested in propaganda than the truth, or should we call it truth ™ –gotta make this cutesy-wootsey for teh interwebz….

It’s funny, though, because if you peruse the manosphere, it is obvious there are many different ideologies that aren’t even compatible. Ginko came up with a humorous list describing a few different ideologies throughout the manosphere….

Here it is:

Paleos, tradcons: A woman’s place is in the kitchen

PUAs: A woman’s place is in my bed.

MGTOWs: Kitchen? Why’s a woman in the house at all?

MRAs: A woman’s place is in the MRM

….anyways, I think the whole list is a bit female centric….

Can’t We All Get Along????

Well, that parody news site The Onion has a disturbing yet funny picture depicting major religious figures engaged in a gay orgy.

I’d tell ya not to click it, but I know you didn’t heed my advice with the Inmalafide pic from yesterday. So go ahead, have a laugh and email the link to some religious lunatics….

Inmalafide Undead???

Well, um, apparently Inmalafide is back up…

You might not want to look at it unless you’d like to wash your eyes out with bleach afterwards….

But, yeah, looks like one of the White Nationalist’s posted himself after re-creating the shower scene from American History X….

I’m sure Mr. Manboobz will be checking it periodically for, ahem, research….