Books that defeated me……

I’ve always been a bit insecure about my academic achievements or, um, lack thereof….

A few years back, I read a whole ton of books on a range of subjects…..

They included Robert Hare’s Without Conscience, Einstein’s Relativity–yeah, I still don’t understand it and Car Sagan’s Demon-Haunted World.

Well, there are a few that just kicked my ass, I couldn’t even just keep my eyes moving and hope something useful was going into my brain….

there’s Nietzsche’s
Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Hobbes Leviathan

and Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire.

I remember when I tried to read Dracula, didn’t go so well. Went back to it years later and really dug how it was a bunch of diary entries from various characters and newspaper clippings. Unique, if a bit hard to follow…

14 thoughts on “Books that defeated me……

  1. My rule is if I’m not interested enough to keep reading, I stop.

    Most notable example was a book on chaos theory.

    I called it a ‘tactical retreat’.

    This was three years ago.

    But this morning I read the wikipedia page on fractional-reserve banking, so I’m still a winner.

  2. Stoner,
    Why bother with Steve Sailer and Shit’s Advocate? They are both Masons.
    Sailer is a Mason as he has the typical Masonic beard cut:

    They appear to be opposed but they are on the same side and they have the intention of misleading ignorant ones like you.

    As a side advice, don’t bother reading Nietzsche or Hobbes. They were both Masons and as all Masons they are sick morons. That is unless you are a Mason yourself.

    1. whoa, I had a similar beard cutt for awhile, just a bit more on the chin and higher on the cheekbones….

      back in the day, I went to a school that was built by the mason’s….

      it always made me feel uneasy, there was something not right about being in that building and the teachers who had been there for awhile seemed brainwashed….

  3. Wow, you sure get a bunch of nuts in your comments at times.

    Nestorious and his Masonic Conspiracy Theory (Though maybe he was pulling your leg) and then ScareCrow and his “I’m Smarter than Einstein” schtick. Wonder how he explains E=mc2 and Gravity Probe B, but I digress.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that at least one of your readers isn’t totally nuts 🙂

    1. Actually Clarence – I am not smarter than Einstein – nor did I make such a claim. I know 3 people with PhD’s in physics – and they were the ones who explained to me how Einstein was wrong.

      You are right – at least one of stoner with a boner’s readers isn’t totally nuts – that one is obviously not you.

      Here goes bro (stoner with a boner) – and this is recital from others who tried to explain it to me – made sense when they were talking to me, I hope it makes sense when I regurgitate it to you.

      “There is no reason to prefer one frame of reference over another”.

      This means that if a car is travelling down a road at 50mph, you can think of the car moving – say north at 50mph, or, you can think of the car as holding still – and everything around it as moving south at 50mph.

      Yet, in other of Einstein’s examples, he makes the claim that an astronaut who were to travel away from earth at the speed of light, then back again would find everybody on earth aged 500 years or whatever.

      In that example, he is preferring the earth as the “stationary” object.

      Why is it – that you cannot think of the astronaut in the ship as holding still – and everybody on the earth as moving at the speed of light – in which case – the astronaut would age rapidly – not everybody on the earth…

      That is a rough recall of what they told me.

      P.S. Fuck You Clarence!

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