…stray dogs….

So, in my travels, I was walking down a street….

There were two stray dogs, apparently one was the mother as she had udders and the other was the pup…

I had some freshly grilled hot dogs, so I broke off some chucks of meat and tossed them two pieces….

The pup just vacuumed the two pieces off the ground…

In fairness. I chucked another piece just for the mom, again the pup rushed to it and vacuumed it right off the street….

I tired again, this time giving a piece right to the mom, she bit it out of my hand but it fell to the ground, the puppy swarmed in again…

I repeated this process, but on further observation it seemed she let it fall to the ground….

Weird, do you think she did this intentionally so the pup could get more food?

One thought on “…stray dogs….

  1. Clearly, the dog was a single mother. Hence; she is raising a criminal style thug-puppy or brat-like princess puppette.

    (that’s a joke). Please – do not call me a NUT.

    I really really hate being called a NUT.

    Do not make me use the F word.

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