I already got in abunch of pointless arguments with the feminasties, am I also gonna do this with all the uptighty alter-righties????

So, GL Piggy has this article up. Well, it feels like a Hugo Schwyzer article where he makes pretty broad statements. –Sorry, Chuck, don’t mean to compare you to one of the worst individuals in the blogosphere but…

….I felt like I’ve been in this predicament before. He talks about violence and that a white guy is more likely to get the sh*t beat outta him in a black neighborhood then a black guy is to be hurt by law enforcement in a white neighborhood. Well, this feels like one of those arguments where the feminasties talk about how baaaad violence perpetrated by men upon women is-and for the record I NEVER SAID IT WAS A GOOD THING. (David Fatrelle, if your trolling, I’m sure you’ll find a new way to be dishonest and misquote me so f*ck you!) Going on with the analogy, I just felt compelled to say the equivalent of women commit violence against men. It ain’t going over so well. People get soooo defensive when you throw a wrench into their “unshakeable” ideologies…

What I did say is that a black guy could be seriously harassed by the coppers and referred to the case of Abner Louima. Yup, the alty righties are telling me to f*ck off similar to the feminasties…

Now, I don’t suppose the righties talk about “privilege” so much. I do remember one time the feminasties at feministe accused me of being “privileged.” I did acknowledge that I might have some “privilege” but not the kind they seemed to think. If I did have “privilege” it was that at one point in my life, I was able to walk in the sketchier parts of town at 3am. Yup, most full blooded white guys and most women of all colors wouldn’t have felt too safe. But, damnit, it really wasn’t privilege to be so broke that I was in a ghetto part of town with hardly any money. I’d rather the dictionary version of privilege of having a million bucks in the bank. And, yeah, I definitely endured harassment by law enforcement. Anyways, glad those days are behind me, it’s amazing how much of an upgrade that an extra $200 a month in rent can provide to one’s lifestyle…

17 thoughts on “I already got in abunch of pointless arguments with the feminasties, am I also gonna do this with all the uptighty alter-righties????

  1. “I just felt compelled to say the equivalent of women commit violence against men.”

    Jesus H Fucking Christ, you really are a fucking retard.

    If anything police-on-black violence is the more equivalent to women committing violence against men than black on nonblack violence.

  2. Well, while I intend to go rip a few of them a new one, the fact is, statistically, Chuck is right. AL stuff from cops doesn’t happen every day. Maybe because most police forces are mixed, maybe because of better training, whatever.

    I dare say the black men in this experiment would come out far better than the white men. That causes many people’s heads to explode , because even more so than with sexism, racism is often taken to be a one way street b/c of societal level power differentials and such. But its a lesson many middle class whites who play progressive political games (in their mostly secure and token minority level suburban enclaves) would do well to learn.And yes, while you can find areas of the suburbs and appalachia where a black person ( or darker skinned person)might take his/her life in their hands after dark, these areas are exceptions to the rule that even the most racist of whites rarely physically attack someone at random no matter their skin color. Meanwhile , vast areas of major cities are basically off limits to white people after dark.

    But all that being said, Ryu is a grade A asshole, and many of the comments directed your way are sickening.

    1. Rye Bread had a hard-on for me since the Inmalafide days. (–Trigger warning for upcoming cheap shot ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Apparently Ferdinand has allowed Ryu to post his “erotic” pic up at Inmalafide so he can recruit more bootie bandits for his re-creation of the brutal shower scene from American History X. And look at his “meltdown” here….


      ….poor impulse control, isn’t that what his crew accuses others of doing….

      Anyways while Chuck seems most interested on Black on White violence-it is not a one way street-to present it as such is similar to how gynocentric feminists present DV. And, furthermore if you don’t just look at it as white/black it gets way complex. Look at the WN/Neo Nazi who shot up the Sikh temple awhile back….

      Controversial statement-I’d say most people prefer being “among their own” and feel safest in such an environment. Being mixed is one of the factors that gives me an “outsider’s” perspective….

  3. OK, here are the stats on homicide by race:


    Looking at stranger homicides, roughly 18% are blacks killing whites. And roughly 5% are whites killing blacks.

    73% of the US is white. 15% is black. So if every murder involved a random person killing another random person, we’d expect 11% of murders to be a black killing a white. And 11% to be a white killing a black. So it would seem that it is more dangerous to be a white guy walking among blacks than a black guy walking among whites.

    That said, the biggest outlier is that around 35% of murders are black on black. If everything was random, this should be 2%.

    Basically, blacks are more likely to murder. And more likely to be murdered.

    Much like men are more likely to murder and more likely to be murdered.

    So in the same way that it is wrong to have “End violence against women” campaigns, it is wrong to have “End violence against whites” campaigns. There’s no need to promote some victims over others. There’s no need to vilify an entire race.

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