A list of human rights for males version 2.0…..

I did a first round a few months back….

Thanks for the thoughtful comments on the first try and please leave comments on this one….

1.) Your inherent value does not rely on your utility to others be that: a.) a woman, b.) an employer or c.) a nation….

2.) You do not owe it to anyone to fulfill the “traditional” role of protector or provider. Women have been able to “opt out” of traditional roles such as motherhood and nurturer. Men should have the option to “opt out” without shame or regret.

3.) Your inherent value is not based on a paycheck. If you are able to support yourself, you should feel no shame working less hours than those around you.

4.) Your life is yours to live ethically and how you choose. If someone tries to shame you with “man up” language, they are probably trying to get something from you that you do not owe them.

5.) You are not less of a man if you are not successful romantically or financially.

6.) You have every right to “opt out” of marriage if you believe that the laws of the nation are hostile to you and/or you cannot find a partner that you can trust your life with. You do not need to settle, to settle down or to procreate. You do not owe your parents grandchildren, nor do you owe your race more offspring or your nation future worker drones.

4 thoughts on “A list of human rights for males version 2.0…..

  1. “…no shame working less hours than those around you…”

    s/b “fewer”

    Very good post, dude! A good starting point for any young man to ponder. I’m 52 and I said “FUCK IT!” to marriage and kids long ago. Never regretted it once. The feminazi police state has ensured that Princess Snowflake can jettison you anytime she wants to Eat Pray Love her way out of your life, and you have to pay her goddamned tuition at “I’m Not Haaaaaaaappy” University.

    This system is not sustainable. It will crash. Feminism is a hate movement. Nothing less.

  2. Nonsense–men don’t NEED any rights. And any they lose are just ones they deserve to lose because oppression patriarchy rape culture bad stuff!

    Waahh-wahhh privilege wahh-wahh.

  3. Good job ultimately do not support any human being , organisation,political party etc.who does not respect and value males for their worth .

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