a country song for the Manosphere????

Well, Daisy Deadhead and dungone were battling it out as they always do at Genderratic and Daisy mentioned this song:

I gave it a listen and that first chord sounds like something outta the Mel Bay Beginner Guitar series or something, but the lyrics were great. I’m not getting a cowboy hat any time soon though….

2 thoughts on “a country song for the Manosphere????

  1. This is considered “early Nashville”–when the C&W industry-mainstream tried to slick up the music (those awful background singers) to sound good to the yankees and city-folks. It got pretty toxic, and then Waylon founded “the Outlaws” movement w/his wife Jessi Colter, along with Willie Nelson, Tompall Glaser, Kristofferson, Cash and others…they got back to basics and dumped the dumbass orchestral arrangements, and in the process, SAVED country music. I tried to find a live version or re-recording of this that sounded more earthy and gritty (he did it live too) but couldn’t find one. (Live versions had audiences singing the “background singers” lines, which was cool.)

    After “the Outlaws” insurrection, there were remixes and re-issues of old Hank Williams (and other) records, to get rid of the awful slicked-up sounds. The original “Jambalaya (On the Bayou)” had fucking VIOLINS in it (not fiddles, VIOLINS) and you just gritted your teeth and tried to ignore them. The remixes were the genius-sounds they were intended to be.

    Likewise, if you Google “Sunday Morning Coming Down” you often get the awful violin versions, when it properly should have just one lone guitar (pronounced “gee tar” of course) playing in the background and nothing else. I once heard Cash do it a capella and it was too awesome for words. Anyway…


    That’s your C&W history for today! More than you probably wanted to know.

    As I said over at Genderratic, my parents did this song in their band when I was a mere pup. 🙂 My best childhood memories are about their band(s) …

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