A list of human rights for males version 2.0…..

I did a first round a few months back….

Thanks for the thoughtful comments on the first try and please leave comments on this one….

1.) Your inherent value does not rely on your utility to others be that: a.) a woman, b.) an employer or c.) a nation….

2.) You do not owe it to anyone to fulfill the “traditional” role of protector or provider. Women have been able to “opt out” of traditional roles such as motherhood and nurturer. Men should have the option to “opt out” without shame or regret.

3.) Your inherent value is not based on a paycheck. If you are able to support yourself, you should feel no shame working less hours than those around you.

4.) Your life is yours to live ethically and how you choose. If someone tries to shame you with “man up” language, they are probably trying to get something from you that you do not owe them.

5.) You are not less of a man if you are not successful romantically or financially.

6.) You have every right to “opt out” of marriage if you believe that the laws of the nation are hostile to you and/or you cannot find a partner that you can trust your life with. You do not need to settle, to settle down or to procreate. You do not owe your parents grandchildren, nor do you owe your race more offspring or your nation future worker drones.

More shaming from fatuous Futrelle….

well, those feminasties do like to put down low status males for any reason they can think of….

Fatuous Futrelle is at it again, first he makes fun of a guy for purportedly being a virgin (and isn’t it a bit creepy to worry what another man does or doesn’t do with his penis anyways.) Then he tries to imply that said guy is a potential rapist.

Here’s the quote in question…

“Given that someone as allergic to female opinion as Mr. Pill is unlikely to fully understand or appreciate the notion of consent, I’m thinking it’s just as well that he remains a virgin.”

Now I’m not gonna link back to his crappy site, so here’s Mr. Black Pill’s article. For the record, I don’t agree with allot of things Mr. Black Pill says but I do think he is a great non-feminist critic of the manosphere and we need more of those. Granted, I haven’t read everything he’s written but I’ve never seen him advocate rape or violence against anyone.

There is a filthy piece of rape apologia that hasn’t gotten any pushback from Mr. Manboobz and his Minions of Truth and Justice ™ ….

I’m waiting….


Still waiting….


turning blue holding my breathe….


and still, that’s what I figured……….