I wonder if this lady got in an argument with David Manboobz or Amanda Marcrappy….

and, yupperz, I did pick up a Cot Dang mofoken Dickshunary–I was just surprised that the definitions of Misogyny and Misandry weren’t exactly the same with the genders reversed….

…and even though I found the above video at A Voice for Men, that doesn’t make me an MRA….

…and just because I argue with a feminist doesn’t mean I am a misogynist….

It’s as if they’ve intentionally conflated things to paint anyone who disagrees with patriarchy ™ or feminist theory ™ as a backwoods misgynist with a realllly small penis ™ –and, yeah, that nice guy ™ schtick just seems like an excuse to pick on guys with poor social skills…. whose the f*ckin’ bully now?

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