I Voted……


I don’t pretend this changes anything….

Both O’Bummer and RMoney make me sick to my stomach…..

Do you want the slick, fast talking, pro corporate, anti-low status male sociopath to win or the fast talking, suave, anti-low status male, pro corporate psychopath to win????

Really, with all his “change” bullsh*t–the only difference between O’Bumski and bu$h was that the former has a bigger vocabulary and darker skin as far as I can see….

So, yeah, I voted…..

and let’s call it a F*ck You! vote…..

and for all the feminasties who say I am a “misogynist”–I get to throw it in their face this time…..

I voted for a woman–and there’s a good likelyhood they didn’t…..

No, not the Jill lady…..

Rosanne Barr…..

She is a comedian and American politics is a joke šŸ˜‰

I don’t know what she stands for, heck, I even heard she was a feminist, but the bigger point is I am willing to get off my ass and vote. I know she won’t win, but maybe all these independent party yahoo’s will eventually break the power of the two party system…..

The Demorats and Repudlothugs are both corrupt beyond redemption……

3 thoughts on “I Voted……

  1. EEK!
    You voted for a man-hating feminist bitch.
    Yeah, you should have looked into her political background more..that’s all I gotta say.

    But to be fair, at least you didn’t vote for TweedleDee or TweedleDum.
    God, I wish they could BOTH lose.

    And whatever I think of Ms. Barr herself, “Roseanne” was a funny show.

    So, good job, Stoner šŸ™‚

  2. She is on the outs with feminists for agreeing with the anti-trans faction (known as TERFs= Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists, a really great acronym). This really surprised me too! I thought Hollywood was uniformly pro-LGBTQ etc.

    Cathy Brennan, lead-TERF, did a whole post about how we should NOT vote for Jill Stein since she is for trans rights and Rosanne is not.

    I voted for Dr Stein, since she came on my radio show and Barr wouldn’t. So there. šŸ˜€

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