The Decline of Western Civ

So the fatuous Mr. Manboobz has this vid up……

Well, I’m no O’Reilly fan but I don’t fit with the liberal crowd either…….

Haha, and those so-called ater righties don’t have any love for me, what was that they called me–a victim of miscegenation…..

It seems like the old paradigm of go to school, get a good job and work hard and you will be rewarded has changed. There’s no guarantee of any job after school. There’s no guarantee that if you work hard for an employer, they won’t find a sneaky way to fire you while they find slave labor on the other side of the world to do your job for pennies on the dollar. If you do manage to stay employed, there’s no guarantee the powers that be will pay you your retirement, 401k or Social Security. And, marriage, do I even have to talk about that?

O’Reilly talked about entitlement. Well, when you are living in a world with no guarantee’s, why should we bust our asses for the establishment? The “deal” has long since been broken, why should we care about the elites who just want to take as much as they can….


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