Cooking the Manosphere….

Well, I have seen a few articles about the Paleo Diet in the Manosphere….

Seems like it’s rebranding something for girls to make it okay for guys–no, it’s not a doll, it’s an action figure. No, it’s not the Atkins Diet, I’m a CAVEMAN goshdangit and I’ll eat like one. Well, first off, the cavemen were eating leaner game, y’know animals that lived off the land and weren’t pumped full of hormones and fed horrible feed while they festered in a cage before being slaughtered. And second off, those cavemen were hunting and gathering, not sitting in front of a computer. At the end of the day, everyone knows diets don’t work and you gotta eat what ya like.

Anyways, many manospere guys aren’t gonna get married and many women don’t cook. Now weather that’s feminism or because everyone is working allot of hours then going through the drive through, who knows. So, you might not have a lady who’ll cook for you at many points in your life–it’s an important life skill for sure. It seems pretty manly to me to prepare my own food. I get to make choices about what spices to throw on or not. It’s damn creative too. Also seems like a good way to combat the growing obesity epidemic in America. How many male feminists cook for themselves?

The goal I’m setting for myself is to make dinner at least 5 nights this week. I already make breakfast-no frills-either eggs or oatmeal and lotts of coffee. Lunch will either be the leftovers or Thai food and California Burrito’s. (Hey old habits die hard.)

Tonight I grilled up some chicken. I threw some tumeric on it to give it a little kick and some herb seasoning I bought at the supermarket. Next time I’ll throw some olive oil on it as the chicken stuck to the grill when I tried to flip it. I had some veggies-red pepper, cucumber, tomatoes and some hot salsa salsa. Threw on healthy heaping of Italian salad dressing, some cheese and some croutons. Washed it all down with a beer or three 😉 Maybe next time I’ll go more ethnic and try to make tandoori chicken or chicken curry. Hey, maybe even a big bowl of Pho…

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