TJ Dawgs

So, as I’ve been cooking for myself more, I gave me a treat….

Tijuana hot dogs–for the naysayers, no not hot dogs made from human remains from some drug cartel war…….

Hot dogs wrapped in bacon….

I grilled ’em and I put some olive oil on them so they wouldn’t stick to the grill and ’cause after all I’m really health conscious 😉

I stir fried some peppers and onions before hand….

I threw some mayonnaise on the bun….

God Dang, that sh*t was good….

I urge you to give this culinary delight a try….

…and if your one of those silly dieter types, you can experience this the way a creepy, hypocritical male feminist purportedly experiences porno. Feel really happy while consuming and really guilty afterword. And talking about guilt, I chugged two beers. They were Rolling Rock’s. On second thought, that awkward feeling I felt must’ve been regret, not guilt-I shoulda gotten myself some India Pale Ale’s with a higher alcohol content to wash down my excellent high calorie meal….

3 thoughts on “TJ Dawgs

  1. Well, Im glad you werent drinking Miller Lite that p… beer, oh wait, I cant say that being that Im an enlightened male fighting against sexism and for equality. 😉

    1. hahaha,

      for the longest time I was a beer snob, I didn’t understand weak beers until recently….

      Yeah, you can kick back some Pabst and mow the lawn, you can go to the beach and drink Coors without getting dehydrated…

      But when you have a meal, you want something with some flavor and some kick….

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