Teh Manosphere is (d)Evolving….

Well, you’ve probably seen those articles around the gendersphere saying the manosphere is dying off… To that I say gooblygoo…. That is almost as bad as those creepster “death of men” articles…. Things are merely changing….

Here are some of my predictions….

Love terrorist/sex tourist Roosh will find greener pastures in Thailand. Upon fighting a drunken marine for a Ladyboy at 2am, he will find true love as his head is being smashed into the pavement. He will write a chronicle of his erotic adventures with the jarhead. But there will be deep social cometary illustrating that if he with his middle eastern ethnicity can share love with a Jewish devil dog then the world should be able to get over their differences. His work will be read widely by the White Nationalists of the manosphere with one hand down their pants, though they will never openly acknowledge this…

Manopshere heavyweight Matt Forney will challenge male feminist heavyweight David Futrelle to an eating contest. Donald Trump will pledge $666,666 to either a prostate cancer charity or breast cancer charity based on who wins. After dwindling the worlds supply of fast food cheese burgers to unsustainable levels, no winner will be found and they will have a sumo mud wrestle off…

The commentors from GL Piggy will challenge the commentors from Feminist Critics to a baseball game. The main source of ideological contention being whether global warming is real. The match will break down into an orgy of drunken violence. Over half of the players will wind up dead or permanently injured. Survivors will proudly claim that they were tougher than any rugby team ever. The divide between manospherians who believe global warming is real or not will cause a large ideological split comparable between the pro/anti porn split between feminists….

these are my predictions….

19 thoughts on “Teh Manosphere is (d)Evolving….

  1. Many of the blogs that are disappearing, are blogs I have never heard of. And, once I read them – I do not care if they disappear.

    When I started my section on my web-site “rip-factor”, I had no knowledge of the man-o-sphere, MRA’s et al… It was originally going to be a slew of “in good taste” sexist humor poking fun at feminists and feminist ideologies.

    Once I discovered the MRM, I have to say, I got a pinch angry. As I started meeting more and more MRA’s, I realized that their agenda was far different than mine. I also realized that I had let their anger become MY anger – shame on me.

    My agenda is best described as “ending male hatred”. Male hatred being the slew of bogus feminist factoids about rape, DV, sexual harassment, HERstory revisions etc… I believe it is these things that have installed a false sense of vindictiveness in women against men.

    It is completely unhealthy for society.

    Of course, I think it is also unhealthy for society for a group of ass-hats calling themselves MRA’s – and simply rehashing feminist ideologies from days past – all the while masquerading as being “anti-feminist”, or “anti-misandric”.

    My only weapon is ridicule – perhaps a weak weapon, but we all fight what we disagree with in the best way we can…

    1. My biggest bone to pick with feminist’s. social conservatives etc is what I call privilege 2.0–not the idea that women want equality but that they demand equality when it suits them but then privilege when it suits them. One of many examples would be the Nice Guy ™ meme where males who have a hard time with the traditional male role as initiator are ridiculed worse then a frikkin’ serial killer…

      I’m not an MRA as I realize in real life I have just as good a chance of being stabbed in the back by a man as well as a woman–also find some of Elam’s philosophies just as bad as Schwyzer/Marcotte…

      and then all the Neo Nazi’s who polluted Inmalafide, do I even have to discuss those dickheads….

      1. Wasn’t ferdinand one of the biggest neo-nazis of them all? He just learned to hide it well and to write in such a way that he knew the others would say what he really wanted to say for him.

  2. Don’t forget the rest of us. Decades of Sex 3.0 have done much damage to the feminist imperative. My years of unfenced non monogamous relationships come to a head as I am shanked in the ribs by angry feminists as an example for the rest of the “sphere”. No one is charged, her crime is justified as my free wheeling ways prove heinous to society’s eyes.

  3. This is one of your strangest posts yet.
    I’m not sure that the posters on Gucci Little Piggy are even aware that Feminist Critics exists, nor do I think the mostly more sane and fair posters on Feminist Critics would want to get into a brawl with a website where fully half the commenters are “WN” friendly to say the least.

    You do know that Feminist Critics probably exists outside the “manosphere” proper anyway. No one wants to claim them because they toe the line of none of the main ideologies, and you just know the feminists sneer at ballgames claim to be a feminist.

  4. I don’t understand you, anyway. You hang over at The Black Pill quite often because he’s nominally not friendly to white nationalists, gamesters, etc, but then he’s not particularly friendly to anybody and sometimes has come *holds fingers less than inch apart* this close to calling Paul Elam et.al, a “mangina”, because Mr. Black Pill is definitely a misogynist.

    So why hate so much on haters when you hang out with one?

    P.S. I do not include Feminist Critics in my “haters” comment.

    1. This was my “humor.”

      Yeah, Feminist Critics may not be part of “the manosphere proper” but since there is no solid definition of the manosphere, it may get tagged in. I even left a comment a few months back when ballgame talked about female hypergamy sayin, jokingly that this officially makes Feminist Critics a manosphere blog now….

      I may or may not be a manosphere blogger but I’m certainly not alt right….

      Now, Clarence-to dissect a joke is to kill it, but I’d have hoped that you of all people would’ve “gotten it.” As far as comparing Feminist Critics-a place where more “progressives” and “egalitarians” (depending on your point of view) hang out, getting into a bloody fight over global warming against another place that would probably feel comfortable with the “alt right” tag…While global warming may be one of the most serious issues facing the world, it gets little talk in the gendersphere. However, substitute it with something that does and see how dividing it is, then you might see where I was going. Well, there’s one group saying global warming is not science at all and another group saying this is what’s going to happen. Both fight with religious fervor—I see similar things with the so-called HBD. (Not a “believer.”) Also the idea of Feminist Critics commentors getting into a drunken fight is ironic as many/most probably don’t like sports or alcohol. I’d wager the same for many of GL’s crew even though they might mouth off like they do.

      1. also, to those who say I “Fat Shamed” Forney/Futrelle. Naw, I just threw a stone at two guys who live in glass houses and seem to like to bully others….

        also, to those who say I might hate gays/transexuals because I made fun of Roosh, they missed the bigger picture that I was really making fun of some guy who pretends to be better than everyone else but is willing to crawl through a gutter just to stick his penis somewhere….

        Goddmanit, do I really have to be politically correct on my own fucking blog…..

      2. I’m so glad that others think the same as I do about Roosh. Dear Gods…that man sounds like he’d screw a rusty Coke can if someone told him it was a HB9.

  5. Lol hilarious post!

    However, I don’t buy the gist that the Manosphere won’t die out. I’m not saying there won’t be any Manosphere bloggers by next year. But I do believe its #’s will drop faster than it grows.

    1. I believe there is a need for something like the manosphere…

      Something that gives advice to men that doesn’t follow conventional wisdom or feminist theory….

      However, it’s time to give the WN’s and other kooks their walking papers….

      What we have now is flawed and something much better should replace it…

      1. Sure! The PUA community exists! So we don’t need the Manosphere since there already exists something totally similar to it without the WN radicalism. But I get you though.
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      1. Dammit, Stoner…this was frickin hilarious. Now I’m gonna have to read all your other posts this week. Thanks a lot for sucking away all my free time. 😉

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