and this year’s Mangina of the Year Award ™ goes to…

no, not Hugo Schwyzer or Paul Elam….

This time it goes to Anders Breivik….

Yeah, you, you racist, murderer, asshole who whines about your prison incarceration….

oh, you had use the rubber pen cause they didn’t trust you with a real pen. You are soooooo oppressed, it’s not like you killed 77 people…. …oh,wait, well f*ck you if it cramps up your wrist, who wants to read your inane thoughts anyways….

you are subject to strip searches, sometimes by the ladies….

C’mon Andy Boi, we know you like it. After all, isn’t it a little known factoid that between your copy of Mein Kampf and the Santanic Bible, there was a whole bunch of CFNM porno. You just don’t like the giggles of, “oh, there’s lil’ Anders, tehehe….”

and in Andy Boi’s own words:

“Use of a toothbrush and electric shaver is always under supervision. One is therefore under mental pressure to finish quickly as the guards are tapping their feet outside the cell … This limits brushing to once a day and shaving to once a week in order not to have to go through the mental ordeal more often than necessary,”

oh, pressure to perform or is it bad hygeine makes you sexxxay, ain’t that what your favorite middle easterner Roosh wrote on his blog. Don’t lie, Andy Boi, we know you read that pua shit with one hand down your pants….

Too bad, “stud” you don’t get to do prison American style….

The white nationalists would give ya a whole lotta love…

4 thoughts on “and this year’s Mangina of the Year Award ™ goes to…

  1. Stab-proof pens and strip searches? In a prison?? Oh, the humanity! I couldn’t stand to see this poor man suffer under these barbaric conditions, and I volunteer to kindly put him out of his misery. It’s what Jesus would do!

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