I hope this finally ends the Nice Guy ™ Debate

Interesting video by Girl Writes What….

No, Mr. Elam, I’m still not gonna be an MRA…

7 thoughts on “I hope this finally ends the Nice Guy ™ Debate

    1. I am not seeing the irony at all. I am seeing the “next logical step” in an ongoing feminist movement.

      The MRM will steer clear of things like male-hatred, and focus more on doing away with “traditionalism” – “traditionalism” being defined the exact way that the feminists defined it.

      If you think about it, the larger portion of the MRM is already devoted to not just bashing men, but straight men – white knights, manginas, pussy beggars, vagina worshippers etc..

      All of those terms are vague, and call for speculation as to what is going on inside a man’s mind – that is, what motivates him to do what he does – just as the feminazi’s portrayed men in a negative light, so are many MRA’s – men think with their dicks (its not like they are capable of higher feelings like love or anything – no – it’s all about the dick and nothing else).

      They portray men as dumb animals driven by nothing but sex – just as the feminists did.

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