Why I’m not an MRA pt. 2*

So, this could easily turn into a book-and, heck maybe I will get a self published thing together….

I’ll just keep it simple with what may be a few oversimplifications and generalizations…

Long story short-feminism has failed many (most) women-in fact many women don’t label themselves as feminists for many reasons-thankfully Marcotte’s hateful screeching voice IS NOT most women’s voices….

So why parody such a movement….

If a bitter man-hater loudly proclaims “I blame the patriarchy”, I don’t think the answer is to become a bitter women hater and loudly yell, “I blame the matriarchy.”

Well, from my point of view, that unfortunately seems to be a big part of what those who label themselves MRA’s do (even if unconsciously.)

They give their critics free ammo…

And, unlike feminist’s, they don’t have big boys like Joe Bidden rooting for them…

(haha, if you accept the concept of patriarchy, then isn’t it powerful men-the so-called patriarchs who even allowed feminism to get anywhere.)

Now are you starting to see some of the flaws in their theory? How their views of power structures weren’t accurate and, at best told only a small sliver of the story? Do you see why they pull out the shaming language when they don’t have a counter-argument based on reason? How can something that is a reaction to this create something better? Wouldn’t that be like building a house on the same cracked foundation?

Will more rights for men make the world a better place?

(Trust me I AM for more freedom and personal liberty, however…)

I think it was Scarecrow who said something along the lines of “More rights didn’t help black men-they were still hated” thusly he may see the problems as a culture that has normalized the hatred of men and boys.

I don’t know exactly what the answer is to societies problems, but I don’t think a system that pushes more obligation and responsibility onto males while demonizing them is something that is sustainable. Males will “opt out.” Even the guys who’ve never heard of MGTOW will develop some of those traits and refuse to “man up.”

Now, I just berated MRA’s and if your looking for the next step, you might ask how come I’m not comparing MGTOW to radical lesbian separatism?

I believe MGTOW is coming from a different foundation. A male is refusing a bad deal, he is walking from the table. It is more of a personal decision that a political one. MGTOW can be practiced on an individual level. MRA’s just like feminists focus on the outward-on changing the world. MRA’s may try to change unjust marriage laws. This will be of little consequence to a man who has decided not to marry. At most, MGTOW becomes a loose personal philosophy to navigate through an unjust world that takes far more than it gives. A MGTOW may decide to participate less in consumerism, community, work etc. A MGTOW may pursue more artistic pursuits. A MGTOW may refuse to see his life as disposable for a system that relentlessly takes and takes. In short, MRA’s aren’t providing answers for individual men.

*hehe, there never was a “Why I’m not an MRA pt. 1” but a few articles and many comments where I stated I wasn’t an MRA….

3 thoughts on “Why I’m not an MRA pt. 2*

  1. Blacks had the right to vote, hold public office etc…

    They were still lynched and publicly beaten.

    Giving them more “rights” did them little good.

    My real enemy is the hatred of men – just as the real enemy of Blacks in days past was the hatred of Blacks.

    I am learning that combating an idea – especially one that sprouts new heads every other year (see “sex trafficking” or “acid attacks” – the feminists latest factoids) – is terribly difficult – but I will NEVER give up.

    Now I know what JASON felt like when he had to battle the Hydra.

  2. new guy here, been reading your posts for a while and i like what you write, but this is my first time commenting. i still don’t get what the difference between mgtow and radical feminist seperatism is:

    “I believe MGTOW is coming from a different foundation. A male is refusing a bad deal, he is walking from the table. It is more of a personal decision that a political one.”

    how is that different than lesbian seperatism? they don’t like men, so they don’t live with or near men. MGTOWs dont like women, so they dont live with or near women if they can. seems similar to me.

    1. many MGTOW’s are heterosexual though Ginko from Genderratic states that gay men are the ultimate MGTOW’s….

      ….wrote about this awhile back where I foresee two distinct branches of MGTOW-those that have women in their lives at some levels and those who avoid women as much as possible….

      I also believe that MGTOW is more atomized, something happening on an individual level rather than in a group setting….

      I also believe that misogyny isn’t an inherent part of MGTOW-though there may be misogynist MGTOW’s. I believe it is a response to an inherently unjust system….

      (In contrast, I believe that misandry is an essential part of feminism at least from the 2nd wave on…)

      I also define MGTOW differently than many others=ie stepping away from society, avoiding military service/working in law enforcement–opting out of more than just marriage. This is measurably happening in society–look at the “man up” type articles….

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