Amazing quote by Ginko…

Ginko has a way with words….

“Ha! You can shit in one hand and and want in the other and see which one fills up first. Being consistently inconsistent is one thing you can count on when debating with most feminists. It’s how they remain “myserious and feminine” for one thing and of course “a lady can always change her mind” and if there is one thing all those bra-burners who despsie the very word “lady” it is that they will insist on being treated like ladies.

It’s also a power trip; they can just say that you don’t really “get it.”

4 thoughts on “Amazing quote by Ginko…

    1. only wealthy, tall, high status men get treated like men and not disposable, subhuman cogs cogs you find if you are broke enough, short enough or low status enough….

      we can play this pointless game all fuckin’ day…

    2. Not where I came from Daisy. Where I grew up the older a woman was the more respect she commanded. Hell I remember plenty of times in my childhood where boys (and ONLY boys) could actually get into trouble for not being courteous to old women.

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