Only Men Can Stop Terrorism….

yeah, you heard that right!

you need to do your part!

so, if you hear a potential terrorist talking to potential terror victim, you gotta step in and say, I CAN STOP TERRORISM….

When you hear people making jokes about bomb threats, you need so say, NOOOOOOOO! You are supporting terrorist culture!

Just remember, by being a man, youuuuuuuuu areeeeee a poteeeential terrorist…..

Even if the idea of terrorism makes you sick to your stomach, remember, youuuuu are part of the terrorist class…

Acts of terror are never caused by a non-member of the terrorist class and anyone who says a non-terrorist can cause terror to a member of the terrorist class is a terrorist apologist….

in fact, we’ve interpreted studies that you can only get by being a member of a law library and anyone who questions anything we’ve issued as dogma is a terror apologist….

now go to the terror means terror blog and don’t worry that we only talk about terrorist against non terrorist violence….

non terrorist against terrorist violence is soooo rare as to be an anomaly…

anyone who questions this is a bitter terrorist sympathizer and probably hangs out with rabid, hateful terrorist sympathizers at A Voice for Terror…

we’ve studied this, we’ve controlled the discussion for longer then you’ve been alive….

we don’t care about due process, in fact better to kill ten members of the terrorist class even if they were not terrorist’s than let one member of the non-terrorist class be uncomfortable for a few minutes…

now, walk with your head down, do as we say, don’t question, don’t ask why—you wouldn’t want to be called a terror apologist, now would you????

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