another creepy male feminist extraordinaire telling you that you are a subhuman Nice Guy ™ POS….

….I only was able to get through about 5 minutes of his hate sermon….

sounds like he could be one of Hugo Schwyzer’s programmed students….

oh, wait, he’s not a male feminist, he is a PUA—wow, there must be something defective about me that I couldn’t tell the difference between the pedestalization of (hawt) womyn and the demonizing of low status, romantically unsuccessful men. Sounds like he got the man hate ™ straight from the David Futrelle/Amanda Marcotte playbook….

So, Owen, buddy, pal, if that’s even your real name…

…as far as “creepy”-dude is that “beard” even real or are those bread crumbs?

Also, if you’re so “rich”-why don’t you get rogaine to hide that receding hair line?

Oh, yeah, it’s cause I’m sure you are alpha and have high testosterone…

That’s why your voice is so whiney and not deep…

and, Mr. Tough PUA Guy ™ –since you are alpha, how come I have more of a V shape, broader shoulders and can do 20 pull-ups? Oh, don’t answer, cause I know. You study “game” whereas I go mountainbiking cause I like it and lift weights cause I was physically abused growing up.

hahahahahaha, asshole breath, I can use shaming language too….

I’m sure I could become a PUA if I was willing to give up my last shreds of dignity if the bar is as low as you-Mr. I Charge Money to Shy Men for Snake Oil Bootcamps….

MGTOW is more appealing. I’d rather be celibate or pay a prostitute than go to this dickhead’s seminar–talk about “Paying For It.” And, yeah, paying a prostitute is funding the transfer of wealth from men to women…

There’s not rationalization for paying for bootcamps-Never…

There’s no rationization for paying for PUA-Don’t do it, you’ll lose your swagger…

The bootcamp leaders will corrupt you and pretend they like you, they don’t-They are damaged in spirit…

11 thoughts on “another creepy male feminist extraordinaire telling you that you are a subhuman Nice Guy ™ POS….

      1. It is like that slogan of The Church of the SubGenius, “You will pay to know what you really think!”.

        Have you seen the ass-kissing in the comment section? I
        I wonder how much comments they have deleted.

    1. wow 6 girls?even 2 men is too can a guy marry a woman who has had another dude’s dick in her?thats beta,not alpha.

      thats being cuckolded.nasty man.

      if you do the stupid thing and get amrried,make sure its a virgin from some indonesian Jungle village.

      seriousely,too ridiculous how westerners love being cukolded.

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