…the hate movement roles on…

well, maybe you’ve heard about the creepy page on tumblr making fun of guys OKAY CUPID profiles….

anyways, it seems like it is finally down…

I took a quick look while it was up. Granted, a few of the guys seemed like jerks. There were a few misogynistic comments. But, hell, the worst thing one guy said was that he would give girls advice on their relationships but was unable to get one of his own. That’s ALL he said. He never said he was ENTITLED to one. And they all had to pile on and mock him.

Toysoldiers wrote a great post here.

All I can say is that bigots like Schwyzer and Futrelle won’t let up. They probably won’t be happy until they find out that one of the guys they’ve mocked has sliced open his wrists or shot himself in the head. Yeah, nice fuckin’ social justice movement you have there. Looks more like hate to me….

9 thoughts on “…the hate movement roles on…

  1. Yeah that was a pretty sweeping tumblr. To me it seemed like the ones behind it were hoping that there was just enough genuine misogyny that they could get away with stuff that was nowhere near any sort of dislike or hatred of women.

    1. seems very similar to Futrelle’s schtick where he find’s one or two really awful comments, then takes a bunch of stuff out of context then paints with a broad brush and says “all these guys are like that.”

      I’m glad there is more and more pushback against it.

      1. Eh to the devil with the likes of Futrelle. Here is my prediction.

        1. MRAs will gain traction and clean up their ranks.

        2. They’ll burn off most of that rage and start getting stuff done.

        3. The likes of Futrelle will either retroactively say they were only doing it to encourage MRAs and meant no offense or they will condescendingly claim credit for the stuff MRAs start getting done and MRAs will be expected to act like sites like Manboobz never happened.

        3a. Feminists that supported the likes of Futrelle will frump up and get mad when called on their behavior and try to smooth it over by trying to convince MRAs that holding all those attacks against them is counter productive (in short they will be desparate to avoid being called out on their bad behavior and will do anything to avoid said call outs).

    1. the lady behind that tumblr keeps on saying how “privileged” men are, I don’t suppose she had to sign up for Selective Service and I suppose she’d probably expect me to give her my seat on the lifeboat if we were escaping from a sinking ship….

    2. Oh wow that site more more than a bit of shit Paul. Got this from the most recent post (as of 1:10am EST on 1-9-13):

      No matter how many times you say it, no matter how much you want it to be true, the fact is that men do not experience sexism.
      Mod Recca has failed in the second sentence I read of her. That’s not a good start.

  2. This kind of thing is staring to get the right kind of attention. Ally Fogg has a piece up at the Guardian on it. That’s about as mainstream and as left-liberal as it gets. And it is getting a lot of attention and page after page of comment. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jan/08/friends-friend-zone

    Ally had a post about it at his blog first. Patrick Brown called the whole thing an example of bullying, that these women were bullying the kinds of men who had been bullied as boys and this was just more of it. I think that chimed with what Ally was thinking all along.

      1. Patrick is prety sharp. He’s the first one I ever heard say that the feminist notion of a rape culture is itself the real rape culture. It has the effect of keeping women in constant fear, the way “rpae culture” supposedly does.

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