….the reverse dowry….

…something crossed my mind here and I don’t think it’s entirely an original thought, but I don’t think I’ve seen it expressed quite this way…

Well, many people are saying that a college degree ain’t what it used to be. And, further more, many are speculating that all the student loan debt is the next bubble that will burst. As it stands now, you can’t discharge student loans in bankruptcy. That may change. I have mixed feelings on that. On one hand, someone overburdened with debt should get a second chance. But on the other, there wasn’t a gun pointed to their head when they signed the dotted line. I feel a little bit of sympathy to all those people who walked away from upside down mortgages but I also feel a bit of anger, if ya know what I mean…

I don’t know the exact figures but I think it’s approximately 2 girls for every guy going to college. Some of those ladies will be coming from wealthy families or get scholarships so debt won’t be an issue. Others will still find good paying jobs in a tough economy. And then there are those who will get an entry level job and work a second job just to keep up…

Still, I get the feeling that more and more, a guy who pulled himself up by his bootstraps– Who spent most of his twenties and early thirties breaking his back-a guy who is debt free and maybe has a small fortune in the bank… Well, he might get told to “man-up.”

There’s probably gonna be lots of women with tons of debt who’d like to opt out of the rat race and raise a family. Well, lucky for me, I’m broke and not what most women consider a “catch” so I won’t wind up as some broad’s bailout program. But it seems to me that anyone who marries someone with lots of debt is basically paying a dowry.

13 thoughts on “….the reverse dowry….

  1. I have been saying this too. The degree you get combined with how much money you spend on it is what counts – not just simply “getting a degree”.

    A degree in underwater basket weaving that costs 80,000 dollars is not worth its weight in piss.

    A huge debt is required, and no real “career” can be pursued with it.

    33% of men still attend college (just like in the 1930’s).
    75% of women now attend college (as opposed to 25% in the 1930’s).

    This tells me that more women are attending college – and making the “college ain’t what it used to be” thing a reality.

    Yeah – I am sexist – deal with it.

    Men have not changed – women have.

    Why – feminism – that is why…

    1. I have been saying this too. The degree you get combined with how much money you spend on it is what counts – not just simply “getting a degree”.

      There is also an opportunity cost which is important to take into account

    1. Since I became finacially aware post-crash this is my policy.
      I dumped a girlfriend because she was obviously clueless about money and debt. I’m in a similar position financially and education wise to Stoner and the girl I was dating had somehow:
      Started by inheriting enough money to buy a real nice 2 bed flat in a great area free and clear.
      Taken out a mortgage equivalent to 20% of the value to remodel (pink floor to ceiling bookcases, a million books she will never read to go in them, kitchen tiles, one of those cast iron baths with animal feet etc.)
      Then sold the flat because the body corporate didn’t allow more than two cats and she rescued a kitten bringing her total to three (I promise you I’m not making this shit up).
      Then she takes the money from the flat sale, buys a more expensive 4 bed house down the road and remodels that too, tripling her total debt along the way. (excluding credit card debt of which she had plenty)
      And she’s desperate for kids.

      She was a sweety and I can admire someone who will go to that extreme to protect a pet. But at the end of the day I would rather jerk off alone than be slave to insane decisions I didn’t even make myself.

    1. on one hand, they were told “puruse your dreams.”

      on the other, they always expected that they could find a man to pay off all that debt if the “career” didn’t work out…

      how many guys wanted to be artist’s and musicians but knew there was no “back-up plan?”

      Yeah, I’m getting into un-PC territory, but who ever asked the question of why STEM is so dominated by men? Is it really what they want or is it because that’s where the money is and they know that society values them by their earning power?

  2. Oh how love has changed. Come on, honestly, if you find the “broad” of your wildest dreams are you actually going to give a shit by how much she owes? I highly freaking doubt it. All you will be thinking is, I scored, I scored.;)

    1. it’s very unlikely I’ll marry and I doubt the indebted womyn would find me, of low status and low financial means a “catch.”

      I do think that someone’s debt is just as good a criteria as any to measure their worthiness as a long term partner….

      1. If you would use just one aspect of someone(such as finances) as a guide to worthiness, well, good luck with that. One thing you might start realizing the older you get is that we all carry a certain amount of baggage. You may not marry but I highly doubt you will go partnerless for your entire existence(though some do). Sometimes the difference between “being” a catch and not is just a little thing called esteem.

    2. You are confusing love with marriage. Have you ever heard the expression “Not marriage material”?

      The criteria for a girlfriend or a mistress are rather different than for a wife. The same goes for boyfriends and husbands too.

      Love whom you will, marry whom you must was the way they used to say it.

      Granted, I’m a cynical old gay who married because he was brainwashed and then rationalized it as just doing it to get a child, so it was easy for me to have a clinical attitude where a woman was concerned. But the basic principle holds.

    3. It would depend on the amount of debt, but I for one would care a LOT about it. I have worked very hard in my life to get into a secure financial position. I am not about to throw all that away for a girl, even if she is the girl of my dreams.

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