oh, boo-hoo….


reading this was like listening to a man-hating feminist lament that she can’t find a good man…

yeah, well American workers get the least amount of days off in the first world. And, yuppers, I very well realize, Amerikkka may not be a first world nation in this day and age…

and then if you read this–well, it’s like those womyn your own age who wouldn’t give you the time of day back in the day… Now, they wonder why you won’t “man-up” and approach them. It must be that there is something wrong with you because you like younger women or would rather stay single. If you even think it has to do with the fact that they’ve had (sometimes several) kids with (an)other man/men or that they aren’t as attractive 45 lbs heavier it is because you are a subhuman, misogynist POS….

To me, MGTOW means turning your back on a world that gave you the finger and living for yourself…

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