…if you can solve this, then your IQ is purportedly above 120…


2, 3 = 10
7, 2 = 63
6, 5 = 66
8, 4 = 96


9, 7 = ?

I know I’ve got a few sharp commenters here…

(Updated upon sharp commenters indicating the + sign is misleading, I used a comma…)

65 thoughts on “…if you can solve this, then your IQ is purportedly above 120…

      1. Lol, I always said there was something wrong when math started adding letters. With that said, no letters involved, it took me under 3 minutes. 🙂
        Im glad someone has the formula because I sure as shit cant explain it to you on how I did it. 😉

      2. 14 years old. Solved in under a minute, however no 1 question could possibly determine someone’s intelligence quotient.

    1. My IQ was 145 the last time I checked, and I didn’t solve this because I hate when people confuse mathematical notation. Equal signs are for equations. To make this better, simply write:



      Guess the question mark by discovering the pattern.


      How can someone of a lower IQ create a test for someone of a higher IQ? They can’t. Look it up.

      1. I do believe I am in Love…!!!
        😍❤💋💘 Sapiosexuals, look out!! Great comment, an d suggestion to more universally recognizable approch!

    2. Answer is 144 and btw it took me approximately less than 5 minutues could you post more questions I’m 12 years old and I love maths how old are the people answering this question

  1. 144.

    2 x (2+3) = 10
    7 x (7+2) = 63
    6 x (6+5) = 66
    8 x (8+4) = 96


    9 x (9+7) = 144.

    I love bragging about this. My IQ = 145.
    Still haven’t been able to use it to my advantage in a pickup routine, unfortunately. Chicks don’t care about brains…

    1. I’ve read that the highly intelligent lose their virginity later than others–not saying this is the case for you. Some say it is due to lower testosterone levels. One thing I think is that teens and young adults seem to place a huge emphasis on conformity and that is rough on outliers…

      1. I scored a 145 on the Wechsler. I lost my virginity a little after the age of 14 and a half. I think the math works out quite well. Mind you, I am an attractive girl.

    2. Chicks don’t care about brains…(Killer)

      Of course they do, but you need to figure them out not math equations. 🙂

      1. Lisa . . . with such abysmal grammar, I highly doubt that your IQ is 135. You need to go back to junior high school and pay closer attention to your English teacher!

    3. Why are you bragging? I Have an IQ of 135, and it took me all of 45 seconds to find the pattern here.

      I’m fifteen years old.

      1. Well I wonder who is bragging here as the 11 year old (me), solved this in probably 3 minutes. I admit not as fast as you guys supposedly did it in and my IQ is 145.

    4. Oh yes we do . . . care about intelligence . . . at least women worth having care a great deal about intelligence . . . it’s at the top of the list . . . and of course, a great sense of humor . . .

      Try looking for other than “chicks” and see what happens . . . perhaps you need to raise your standards! Just the fact that you refer to women as “chicks” says a lot about how you view women . . . grow up . . . kind of difficult to believe you have an IQ of 145 . . .

    5. This one most certainly does!
      I feel the same, I am in the medical field , possess an IQ of 142… My conflict in character is that I also am a model. ‘ve discovered, within both spectrums ,that neither one is accepting of oneanother. But, alas, …I digress…for I am just Me. It is not our responsibilities to please others with our existance. They will ajust , adapt , or move on to the proper natural selection more suited for their capacities. 😍☺😁Have a wonderful day !🍀🌸🌺

    6. Actually, that is only partially true…I have discovered that Usa women will support your theory, however, women in foreign countries do not place the same values on specific characteristics of men as usa women do….Gee, usa women wont even give me a chance to mentally shine in their precense…the face turns them off.

    1. I think I figured out the pattern in about 5 seconds, checked it and had the answer in about 10-15 seconds. I’m fairly good at math – 780 SAT math score. It really wasn’t very tricky, or maybe I just guessed correctly. Reportedly tested around 160 in high school, and now a surgeon at a medical school.

  2. I got it too (without looking at the answer in the comments) in about 30 seconds.

    I was rated “gifted” in school and the average of IQ tests I’ve taken is in the 140s.

    1. 120 here, merely, but the pattern seemed pretty apparent.
      And I’m not so sure about the testosterone/IQ link – I’ve met some very sharp quants who were also very alpha aggro.

  3. hahahahahahahaha,

    You are all a bunch of morons.

    2 + 3 = 10
    7 + 2 = 63
    6 + 5 = 66
    8 + 4 = 96

    b + c = a*z
    g + b = f*c
    f + e = f*f
    h + d = i*f

    a = 0
    b = 1
    c = -1
    d = 1
    e = 0
    f = 1
    g = -2
    h = 1
    i = 2


    9 + 7
    = i + g
    = 2 + -2
    = 0.

    My e-penis quotient is now 145 inches.


    1. Yes, the problem would be better with a mystery symbol instead of addition, as in:

      2 @ 3 = 10
      7 @ 2 = 63


      This would make it clear that it’s asking you to identify the operation (@), not the arguments.

  4. Interesting gender aspect to this. My son who was a 70’s student got it in 1:01, my daughter who is a 93 student, didnt get it. Hmmm………

  5. Hey stoneypoo,

    You sneaky shit-for-brains:

    If one changes the wording of a test, then the test needs to be renormed.

    This assumes, of course, that the original norming of 120 is correct, which, as I pointed out in a previous comment, is bullshit.


  6. 2+3 = 5 (times 5 by the first number (2) 2×5= 10
    7+2 = 9 (times 9 by the first number (7) 7×9 = 63
    6+5 = 11 (times 11 by the first number (6) 6×11 = 66
    8+4 = 12 (time 12 by the first number (8) 8×12 = 96


    9+7 = 16 (times 16 by the first number (9) 9×16 = 144.

  7. i figured this out after a fifth of crown. what you all need to do is realize what you could contribute to society. get together and unite,not tear each other down. if gang members understand this,shouldnt you?

  8. It took me about 10 seconds to realise the pattern and about 3-4 seconda to calculate the answer. Trust me i’m not lying. I’ll explain my guesswork, i was able to solve the question with the first line 2,3=10; I noticed that 2x2x2+2 or 2^3+2 would be a possible way, or {2+3}, applied both, got the second the answer. As you can see it wasn’t a work of intelligence but how organised you can keep your mind by just focusing. Being a pre-med student I’ve learned this allot that ‘focus’ is all you need

  9. Figured out the first equation immediately, just double checked the rest and multiplied the last in my head. Total time= less than 30 seconds. I know that my IQ is above 120 since I’ve been tested a few times, but so what? It’s not like I’m a millionaire because of it. School was easy. I have a few degrees and a decent paying job. Maybe if I cure cancer or something it will matter. Until then, I’m just a cog in the wheel who learns faster than my coworkers. I didn’t make myself ‘smart;’ I was born that way, so it’s nothing to brag about.

  10. If my calculations are correct, you add the two numbers together and multiply that by the first number, easy. (9+7)x9=144
    And 144=my IQ according to most iq tests.

  11. Ohh come on! I’m thirteen and I solved that in less than a minute. Although I assumed there was some sort of archetype involving several math functions (In this case, addition and multiplication). I also got a 144 on an online IQ test :P, age-weighted, of course.

  12. The poster of this question is a noob. I can’t think of anyone who can’t solve this within minutes at most and is by no means a measure of IQ. I guess it’s fun to delude yourselves about being intelligent. I got it in like 45 seconds I and I still think I’m a retard with an IQ of no more than 115.

  13. the answer is 144 because the multiple is the two digits added together then you multiply by the first digit i.e 8+4=12 8*12 = 96 so 9+7=16 9*16=144 by the way im 12

  14. Another pattern that works is (a)^2 + (a * b). When you think about it, a * (a + b) factored out is really a*a + a*b. Since I found two other patterns that work, does this mean I’m exceptional? 😉 (Cracking myself up).

  15. I solved this in under a minute but I used google to add 81+63 to make it super fast as I haven’t done maths in 3 years and am bad at mental arithmetic (prefer it visually) and didn’t have a pen. My IQ is between 125-141 unconfirmed but I scored above the 99th percentile as a 9 year old in many areas unless I was unaware of time constraints which lead me to take a long time to do things apparently because I was trying to draw them perfectly=so I think it would be higher. I’ll be honest I think this was a fairly easy one to solve but it could just be a perfect problem for me.

  16. WOW. This is basically elementary level input-output math. Lmao… yikes @ anyone who took longer than a minute to determine the pattern

    1. Becouse people of higher intellect are more prone to do these kind of “brain-gymnastics” for fun? And people who has lower intellectual capacity can’t solve it, therefore they become angry and emotional, resulting in them writing something condescending about people with higher IQ. I find it pretty amusing to be honest, though 🙂

      It looks like around 4-5 people with an IQ of 130+ has replied on this board.. You do realise that there are probably millions of people on the internet with an IQ of 130+, 4-5 people is not many in that context.

      Anyway, I “solved” it in around 10 sec, and i’m high as hell! I test at around 135 in IQ if you’re interested.

  17. I also take less than 2 minutes to solve it, and I’ve always thought of myself as a person with an average IQ, also in a IQ test I got 109, so, I doubt pretty much about your test, or maybe I’m wrong.

  18. And my way to solve it was pretty simple, I just figured out a pattern, in what way 2,3 results in ten? 2 plus 3 (5) per the first number, but I had to look also the others to figure out.

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