…metal by the numbers…

So, I’m a huge metal fan….

Lately, I’ve been listening to new stuff by old bands-that is the newest albums from Anthrax and Testament. I also got into the Ronnie James Dio era of Sabbath not too long ago. I got to see Heaven and Hell a few years back and it blew me away….

Unfortunately, there’s been this trend I’ve noticed the past couple of years. Allot of newer bands seem like an amalgamation of other bands. Now, I know at this point that Static X is not a new band, and heck I don’t even know if they are around anymore, but I do remember when I first heard ’em, I was like, “shit, this is a Prong cover band.”

Well, after years of listening to metal, it seemed more and more bands were rehashing some kind of formula–hehe, some kind of ….monsters….

anyways, Comedian Brain Poshen agrees….

9 thoughts on “…metal by the numbers…

    1. I loved Fear Factory when I first heard ’em but Burton C. Bell Started that sing/scream thing…

      I also remember, way back when, it was only hardcore bands that would do breakdowns, now everyone does ’em…

      Also started getting bad when guys stopped playing guitar solo’s-that’s one thing that makes metal great–and better than punk in my opinion…

      1. Yeah enough with the breakdowns already. Any time I hear one I heave a mighty sigh of disappointment. It seems like that crap might be on the way out. At least I think there are fewer mallcore breakdown bands these days. Then again, I haven’t been to hot topic in years, so maybe I’m behind the times.

      1. Chuck Billy definitely still has it, as does Joey Belladonna. I’m 32, so most of my favorite albums exist between 86′ and 95′. Once Disturbed and Linkin Park proved that you could put out the exact same album over and over again and no one would notice, I stopped paying attention to most everything new. I do like Killswitch’s “Alive or Just Breathing” album, but when they changed vocalists, I couldn’t tell one album from the next. Then that thing happened where every singer started screaming like a woman through every song. Shadows Fall and Trivium may have brought back the guitar work (you could make the same argument for AV7…if you can tolerate the singer’s voice) but like “Death Magnetic,” it just sounds like they’re trying, and I don’t want my metal gods sounding like they’re trying.

        The new albums I will buy are from the bands that haven’t disappointed yet, like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, etc.

    1. The Mob Rules is fucking great…

      Good points about Trivium/Shadows Fall-when I heard ’em, I was like, yeah, they can play for sure, can’t say they suck, but something I just can’t place my finger on seems to be missing…

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