…I doubt I’ll ever have a son, but if I do…

I’ll tell him about male disposability from his earliest days…

I’ll tell him there are corrupt, hateful people who are trying to extract more from him then what is his fair share…..

They’ll tell him to man up, they’ll tell him he’s not a real man, they’ll tell him he’s a misogynist, they’ll tell him he’s unpatriotic, they’ll tell him he’s not a team player….

He’ll hear it from women, both his age and older. He’ll hear it from other men, perhaps they are the one’s that aren’t real men. He’ll hear it from television, the movies, the government and society at large….

I’ll tell him his most valuable commodities are his time, his ideas, his effort, his friendship, his loyalty….

There will be a few worthy of his time and effort but many who will use him as expendable and cheap….

I’ll tell him that I don’t think he should become a soldier or a cop. Why should he use his sharp eyes and swift hands to kill for a corrupt government? Why should he shed his blood for a society that doesn’t see him as a human being but as an object whose value is directly related to his utility….

I’ll tell him that employers are greedy, they’ll squeeze as much as they can and leave an empty husk of a man as they “outsource” the job to another country for half the pay. He will have to earn a livelyhood somehow, but he doesn’t have to work 70 hour weeks to have value as a human being. He might choose to work 70 hour weeks but hopefully this is short lived. Maybe he’ll use that for seed money for his start-up. Maybe he’ll have some saving and decide to leave the rat race. Maybe he’ll travel the world or write a book.

I haven’t even scratched the surface here….

But most of all, I’ll tell him to think for himself with the realization that he will forge his own path. He may look me straight in the eyes with burning rage and tell me I’m an idiot who is wrong about everything. So be it….

–yeah, that Barbarosaaa vid really got me thinking….

7 thoughts on “…I doubt I’ll ever have a son, but if I do…

  1. I told my son and daughter this………………..

    “The world is 50% shit, 50% sugar, you choose where you put your focus. But just remember, if you stand in shit long enough, it dries around you.”

  2. You’re precisely the sort of person who needs to be having sons, then, Mr. Stoner.

    If the slave narrative manages to get people to have kids, and the story of freedom and just reciprocation leads to sterility…guess what generation after painful generation is going to experience. Guess what traits keep getting selected for in that hellish Darwinian meatgrinder.

    Think of all the boomers who failed us so miserably though they had all the wealth of their world in their hands.
    We too bear a burden of responsibility and the stuff we do while “still young” will decide events decades from now.

    1. hahahaha,

      this is complex, so…

      I pretty much realized not to long ago that marriage/family life wasn’t in the cards for me. I felt relief, I wasn’t going to have to live up to the protector/provider role…

      I know a few guys who knocked up one night stands and now have to pay child support. I kind of thought of the MRA thing where if women can have abortions, men should be able to have “paper abortions.” However, when these guys told me they weren’t gonna have contact with their kids, it was kind of weird. It’s like your already paying for it, don’t you want to visit your kid, teach em stuff? If you have a son, hopefully his mother’s father is involved and he has a kick ass grand dad to show him how to stand up for himself. Otherwise, he’s just another lost boy.

      Anyways, back to MGTOW, there was once an article by a woman critical of MGTOW’s and she said at one point that these guys seem like a selfish/self involved bunch and they should give back to the community by being “big brothers.” She actually had a point. (She was also oblivious to the point that some guys don’t want to be anywhere near children because they don’t want a false accusation of being Chester The Molester.) So the point is is that the guys involved in MGTOW who are blogging definitely want their views to become a part of the greater cultural dialogue. One thing I’ve been thinking is that MGTOW’s who have the temperment for it (I do not) should pursue careers in education so they can be influential to younger men….

      For me, I’m still angry about things but my life isn’t necessarily easy, it’s just comfortable like an old, tattered shoe. It’s not about me anymore, it’s the next generation that will be hurt by the hatred of the Marcotte’s and Schwyzer’s of the world. Look at how the younger guys are all being put on ritalin to be more “manageable.”

  3. Bro, what you should teach your boy is how to get on welfare and stay there and maximize his payments by putting his cock in the …..ahem…….case worker’s mouth occassionally. That way he can spend all his free time picking up personal trainer chicks at health food stores. Lord! Am I a messiah or what?

    Oh BTW, thanks for those contortionist videos. I’ve fucked an MMA bitch and a personal trainer bitch. But contortionistas? Thanks for showing me the light!

      1. If there is no welfare, then people better be prepared for riots. Most of the people on welfare and disability have no marketable skills. Taking away welfare is like a death sentence to them. They will turn violent if welfare is taken away from them. Like Scary violent. They have nothing to lose. There will be blood on the streets.

        Hmm! Maybe I should look into moving to Canada on refugee status or something. They be having welfare for a long time to come.

      2. It’s been said that the whole reason the elites started public programs was to stop a revolution–something along the lines of the ancient practice of letting the poor watch the gladiators fight and giving them bread…

        a person with nothing to lose is dangerous…

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