….Schrödinger’s Misandrist….

….you might be Schrödinger’s Misandrist if…

You write blog posts where you act as if you are an all seeing mindreader and act as if you know what is in the mind, heart and soul of the gender you hate so much…

You write blog posts along the lines of men can stop rape. Well, how can one man stop what another, not even necessarily man is doing to someone else. That is as absurd as saying men can stop corruption or men can stop terrorism. Hahaha, that would be like saying women can stop hypergamy.

You write blog posts telling guys to “man up.” You constantly ignore real life reasons why many males are opting out of marriage and the corporate rat race and dismiss them as “privileged.”

You write as if men are teh oppressor class and womyn teh oppressed while disregarding the fact that men die younger on average, they are more likely to be killed at work, there is less funding for their healthcare, they still have to sign up for Selective Service….

You bully shy men but try to make it look cutesy wootsie by putting ™ behind it. Yes, this was on the Creepy Male Feminist Extraodinaire post. It is possible to be both a Male Femeinist Extraordinaire and Schrödinger’s Misandrist at the same time-intersectionality, learn it bigots!

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