Phrenology was a pseudoscience that postulated that a person’s intelligence, moral character and other attributes could be gleaned by observing the shape of one’s skull….

I first heard of this while reading an Edgar Allen Poe story. I didn’t think much of it but a few days ago I saw Django Unchained. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character mentions it as he’s slicing up a skull. He also reference’s this pseudoscience in regards to race. Well, it struck me, that hawt dang, I think it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing the uptighty alter righties of the manosphere start talking about it. They already talk about their religions of “game” and “HBD.”

What’s next, Ouija Boards?

One thought on “…phrenology…

  1. My Ouija board told me that I should write a comment here – because it would bring me good fortune.

    Oh no wait – it wasn’t my Ouija board – but a fortune cookie I think.

    Screw it – I’m tired, and The Time Machine (from 1960) is on…

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