….reason #68,934,852 why I’ll never be a feminist….

This little doozy of an article…

Yeah, I get that abortion might seem necessary at times and I’m not personally looking to reverse Roe vs. Wade, but still….

Best age to have an abortion? Well, ideally, never….

So if MRA’s wrote an article, “What’s the Best Age to Batter a Woman?” everyone would be calling them a hate movement. Hell, Paul Elam suggest that battered men attack their batterers (not innocent bystanders) and all the White Knights went Apesh*t. Sorry feminist’s but each passing day when you *claim* to be about equality, it looks more like demanding unearned privilege….

22 thoughts on “….reason #68,934,852 why I’ll never be a feminist….

  1. Hmmm. Instead of getting more men to hit their wives (even if it is hitting back) – I think the point should be to get fewer women to hit their husbands in the first place.

    Especially when you consider how biased the laws are against men.

    A man hitting his female partner back – will get him into more trouble than a woman hitting her male partner (even if she starts it).

    Women are whats broken these days because of 40-50 years of crap being drilled into their skulls.

    Women need fixing.

    I am not surprised that Paul Elam’s idea of “equality” is an equal number of men hitting their wives.

    Paul Elam is a gender relation pollutant.

      1. Wow, Stoney, thanks for sharing that with me. Now I’ve lost all support for those clowns at AVFM. I’ve learned that the feminists are full of shit and the masculinists are full of shit.

        Therefore I have come to the conclusion to never trust anyone who is foremost an ideologue.

        When one put one’s ideology over their rationality then one tends to become a reprehensible fuckwit.

    1. it’s ironic how if a guy makes a rape joke–he is purportedly a “rape supporter” according to all the femmies. And most rape jokes I heard were about men getting @$$ raped–ie, you don’t wanna end up in jail tonight, Big Bubba is looking for some fresh meat…

    2. And when you get “Oh you just can’t handle a strong woman!” you answer “Yeah, and Ted Bundy’s dates couldn’t handle a strong man. I don’t have time for haters. Bye.”

      1. Hi Ginko,

        I am an antinatalist, and as such, I believe that abortion should be mandatory, and that those who, after being exposed to all the arguments in favor of philanthropic antinatalism, willfully procreate, should be tortured and executed.

        From the back cover of the seminal antinatalist book Better Never To Have Been, by Professor David Benatar:

        “This book argues for a number of related views: (1) Coming into existence is always a serious harm. (2) Procreation is always wrong. (3) It is wrong not to abort foetuses at the earlier stages of gestation. (4) It would be better if, as a result of there being no new people, humanity became extinct. Although these conclusions are antagonistic to common and deeply held intuitions, the author argues that these intuitions are unreliable and thus cannot be used to refute the book’s grim-sounding conclusions.”

        See this review: Initial Harm: Part 1 2 2 4.

        For more information, visit http://www.antinatalism.net, or search for “antinatalism” on google or youtube, which has a lively antinatalist community:

        (part 2)

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