….it don’t mean shit until a woman says it…

now do you see why the PUAtards and the White Nationalists and the Trad-Cons aren’t your friends?????

9 thoughts on “….it don’t mean shit until a woman says it…

  1. I could wax poetic about this woman’s insight, but the truth is in her message, no need for me to give her the usual accolades that those from the MRM give as it only detracts from her message. All I’ll say is I have much respect for TyphonBlue.

  2. I will add that it is masculinity from her perspective as a female, she doesn’t fully understand it, but her perspective is that of an intelligent women who is able to identify a man who has his own internal compass, which so few men have in modern society.

  3. I overwhelmingly agree with her message here, but I fail to see the “PUAtard / White Nationalist / Trad-Con” connection.

    1. PUA-your value as a man is how much pussy you get/female approval…

      White Nationalist-perhaps White Supremacist would be better-as a mixed race guy, they don’t see me as human. Fair enough if you say Black Panther–insert other group–doesn’t see you as human.

      Trad-Con’s best summed up here:


      FTR, I’m not an MRA even though I discuss many of their ideas. I’m closest to MGTOW/Grasseater in my lifestyle….

  4. Women who were sexually traumatized when they were children and are now lesbians as adults are not my friends either.

    And, I will not let ANY demographic define or dictate to me how I should act.

    In other words – that queer can go to hell with the other feminists.

    Go ahead and throw your tomatoes – I do not like women bitching about everything that is wrong with men.

    Step outside the box for a minute and look at her – take a good long look at her.

    She is a lesbian talking about everything that is wrong with men.

    To her I say, “SHUT UP AND FUCK OFF!”

    LA FIN!!!

  5. lol. This video is feminist Newspeak in a disguised form.

    Working hard to improve your sex life by getting more women is defining yourself by women!

    Let’s play “reducio ad absurdum”:

    Working to get a promotion/better job is defining yourself by your job!

    Working for more money is defining yourself by your paycheck!

    Working to earn a black belt is defining yourself by your martial art!

    Working out to earn a better body is defining yourself by your looks!


    Men desire to get laid by a lot of beautiful women because it makes them feel good. Men go for promotions/money/accomplishments/better bodies to make themselves feel good—either in and of itself, or because such an accomplishment leads to something they desire.

    The PUAs are teaching a means to an end, and, along the way, teaching you things about society and the human race.

    This woman’s argument is based on a complete lack of knowledge of the male sex drive and a feminazi-driven ego.

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