…you might be an uptighty alter-righty if you….

…read Roosh and Heartiste with one hand down your pants….

…get angrier than a feminist arguing with someone questioning the existence of the patriarchy when you hear someone questioning the validity of “game” and “HBD”…

…were going to create a start up biz if Rmoney won the election but now you are looking to expatriate and renounce your citizenship because Obombya won…

…never made more than $30,000 a year but are afraid of raising taxes on the wealthy because it will destroy your motivation to become wealthy…

…troll incel and love-shy forums on a Friday night and tell the guys that they wouldn’t be dateless virgins if they’d “man-up,” get off the computer, learn “game” and go to a bar…

…complain about illegal immigration and welfare causing the decline of ‘Mericka, but never talk about the endless oil wars or the bankster bailouts…

…think that Matt Forney, Chuck Rudd and Steve Sailor are deep thinking intellectuals who are locked out of mainstream media because of a New World Order conspiracy by teh jooze…

…don’t worry, my “friend,” with a few minor changes in your worldview you can become a male feminist extraordinaire ™ and claim that hugeiferous porn collection is for “research.”

7 thoughts on “…you might be an uptighty alter-righty if you….

  1. For your readers – you might want to clarify that first bit…

    “…read Roosh and Heartiste with one hand down your pants….”


    …read Roosh and Heatiste with one OR MORE hands down the FRONT of your pants AND NOT THE bACK OF YOUR PANTS

  2. Matt Forney is horrible. Sailer and Chuck are really good though. (Since I’ve seen you commenting on GLPiggy I assume you were being sarcastic at least in reference to him.)

  3. Correct. Absolutely correct. What we all should do is quit our jobs, get on welfare, or even better, disability and then try to have sex with the bankster’s wives and daughters. Maybe we the wives and daughters are into being dominated during sex. WooHoo!

  4. Actually the alt-right does condemn endless wars and banksterism, and does distrust Rmoney, hence the “alt” in alt-right. Unfortunately, there are tons of regular conservatives who inhabit alt right websites, so that fact may not be readily apparent.

    The alt-right is pretty much the only place to condemn the warfare state without having to shake hands with deluded feminist leftists, which is why the manosphere tends to be alt-right.

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