….is this guy for real?????

…or just a really good parody of PUA???

11 thoughts on “….is this guy for real?????

  1. These days it is getting really hard to tell.

    Picking up chicks may not be easy, but it sure is simple. Basic social skills, regular exercise, good personal grooming and hygeine, free time, be relaxed, be happy, be thick skinned. But there is no money in simple. Money exists in complicated routines, overpriced bootcamps, instruction manuals, seminars etc. The whole bloody industry is a joke.

    I did the PUA thing when I had a job. never got laid. Then I quit my job and got on welfare. All that free time, shot gun approaches, a thick skin, government cheese, the satisfaction of gaming the system and I started getting laid regularly.

      1. I’m just asking people to

        1. exercise
        2. personal grooming and hygeine
        3. Be relaxed and quit that high stress job (Get on welfare or live off savings or get a job you can do competently with lower stress)
        4. approach chicks a lot
        5. develop a thick skin towards rejection.
        6. Don’t be wierd. Develop basic social skills

        So simple. Where is the sales manual style pitch in this. Where is the money to be made of advice like this? Stoner, me thinks you doth accuse me most unjustly.

      2. yeah, I’d love to lower my stress…

        just mentioning that it’s similar to what I’ve read in sales manuals and also “How To Make Friends and Influence People.”

        as far as being weird, some of us can’t help it….


    Besides the fast lay, what do you think of Athol Kay, Tomassi and Dalrock using game in their marriage to keep their wives beautiful, sexy and DTF? When I remember a bit from the movie American Pimp, I laugh to myself that game (originally an attitude and behavior of pimps towards their subordinates) was adopted by sheltered suburbanites and used on the missus.

    1. Is this Clarence in Baltimore???

      ….of the three mentioned I’ve only read a little bit of Tomassi….

      For the most past I don’t believe “game” exists–however, there may be things that make one better at seduction just as there are things that could make one better at a career like sales….

      it’s unlikely that I’ll marry, however if I give up my MGTOW ways, she’ll probably be significantly younger than me–the most important part of the marriage being that we give each other children. It would be “nice” if we “love” each other but when I’m 60, I don’t think I’ll worry that my 35 year old wife is merely decent looking and doesn’t match up to the Playboy playmate of the month. And yes, there would be a fair amount of self-interest, I’d want a wife and kids that would take care of me in old age.

  3. He’s just doing it for entertainment… But actually, its a good question… Most PUA guru dudes are so try-hard dancing monkey (AKA entertainer clowns) that it is actually difficult to see if they are serious or not 😀

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