hahahaha, it’s my second year blogging, here’s my first ever post….



This post is about the Female Gaze.

You may have heard of the male gaze.  So, the female gaze is in this case where the female is viewing a male (I guess hetronormative would be the happy buzz word of the day to insert here!)

Some say that women can’t gaze at men in the same way because patriarchy takes their power away.  There was an old song called Young Man Blues-that said-“In ye olde daze the young man made the rulz-but not no mo’.”  Just a little more poetic.  So maybe males, or some males don’t have the power that they are accused of having.

Hitherto, some say that male gaze doesn’t exist, so we are back to square one.

That’s two negatives, and what I know of math–which isn’t much– is that a double negative is a positive. So this is my story of being victimmized by…

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