…the logical conclusion of feminism…

The crazy, crazy male feminist guy who likes to bang students on his desk (or were they banging him) and attempt to kill ex-girlfriend’s in drug filled rages has written an article that pegging is the new thing. What’s next a fuckin’ feminist telling me I’m a misogynist cause I won’t let her penetrate me with a strap on? Being called a homophobe cause I’ve never had a dick up my ass? Actually, I know it’s not PC to admit, but I am somewhat homophobic. I don’t gay bash dudes but I wouldn’t want to be assraped. I remember my uncle telling me to stay outta jail when I was younger otherwise I’d get a dick up my ass. That was good deterrence. It’s funny because feminist’s say the reason that men hate gay men is misogyny, the hatred of femininity–funny that, it’s always about them isn’t it? A bit self-centered and narcissistic if you ask me.

I can tell you the reason I am distrustful of gay men is because I don’t want to be assraped. It’s not a dislike of femininity. I was never in a frat, on a sports team or in the military. I’ve never had a liking for “all male spaces” as you will. I’ve been hassled by the pigs plenty but luckily avoided jail time. And it’s not the lispy, effeminate men who bug me so much. I’ve had downlow guys try to hit me up. I’ve found it very difficult to make friends with other guys because of this.

I went to a Catholic High School. It sucked balls. I didn’t wear deodorant. My mom told me my odor was offensive and I needed to do something about it. I told her nope. One day there was a “priest scandal” on the news. I was all “That’s why I didn’t wear deodorant.” I got out of there with a cherry asshole.

One day I met a frat boy type who is probably now studying “game.” He’d always brag that he would bang women up the backdoor. He was one of those guys who I didn’t want to be friends with but would always invite himself to the party. Irony of all ironies, his hometown was San Francisco. He was the butt of allot of jokes. Some were “San Fran, anal sex? What a fag.” Others were, “You do chicks up the pooper? Why? Too small to fit in a vagina?” It took a little effort but he stopped hanging around. If you like your wang covered in dookie, good for you I suppose, but that ain’t my style and I’ll be glad not to associate with you…

11 thoughts on “…the logical conclusion of feminism…

  1. Dude, it’s not homophobic to be afraid of being assraped as long as you’re equally afraid of a woman raping you with a strap-on which you seem to be.

    Of course, it is homophobic if you avoid homosexuals particularly because you’re afraid that they’ll rape you. That would be an irrational fear. I’ve seen no evidence that homosexual men are more likely to be rapists than heterosexual women.

    1. let’s just say I wouldn’t “have drinks” with Amanda Marcotte, Clarisse Thorn or any other “sex-positive” feminist. I was gonna write about this somewhere else, but I dislike tall women, maybe it’s connected on a subliminal level.

  2. IMO “sex positive feminism” is just an excuse to give justification for feminists to act and talk like 14 your old boys. I generally just find these sort of feminists juvenile and gross. I’m so glad my neackbeard would scare them away.

    1. But if we aren’t sex positive, we are regarded as uptight bitches who hate prostitution and porn, and no, I am not. So what I am supposed to call myself, “sex positive” or “sex negative”?

      Are those the only choices? 😛

      How about “sex fatigue”? Only on the net though. I still enjoy it IRL.

      1. there’s the unfortunate trend of many so-called “sex positive” feminist’s to be “positive” towards the choice of one group while demonizing another group, ala Sweden’s prostitution laws-criminalizing the buyer but not the seller.

        “Are those the only choices?”

        funny how when I said I wouldn’t throw in with the pro-choice crowd, you implicated that I was on the side of the Christina conservatives. Black and white thinking, eh?

        “How about “sex fatigue”? Only on the net though. I still enjoy it IRL.”

        Let’s just say with the right person under the right circumstances, it can be fucking amazing but with the wrong person under the wrong circumstances it can be forgettable or worse yet regrettable–kinda like psychadelic drugs…

  3. I can tell you the reason I am distrustful of gay men is because I don’t want to be assraped. It’s not a dislike of femininity. I was never in a frat, on a sports team or in the military.
    Totally agree it’s not a dislike of femininity (to say that homophobia about gay men is really about a hatred of femininity is just a case of “all about teh wimminz”).

    No as for being distrustful of gay men I do wonder why you associate gay men with assrape. It’s not like every gay man just goes around and penetrating every male ass they see whether he wants it not.

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