…this “man” is not my voice…

wonder if the bald head is because he needs rogain or because he is a neo nazi hbd race realist…

I bet even the fatuous Mr. Manboobz could kick his ass. It wouldn’t be surprising if they got in a fight at a buffet over the last chickenwing…

5 thoughts on “…this “man” is not my voice…

  1. P.S. I do not think that Bernard Chapin is trying to be a voice for anybody – except himself.

    He is not arrogant enough to call himself “A Voice for Men”…

    1. He’s pedaling Roissy/Heartiste…

      he’s giving them the a-okay….

      if you’ve ever seen any of that stuff they are racist conspiracy theorists who place a value onto a man of how much pussy he can get. (there’s a huge difference between sleeping with tons of women because you like sex and new experiences and bashing less successful men because they are “subhuman” nice guy ™ omega’s….)

      As a mixed race man, allot of those guys look down on me as a subhuman piece of garbage. Fuck ’em all, they are just as bad as feminist’s like Marcotte and Schwyzer–ihey share allot of ideologies….

      I know he is a so called right winger….

      well if we must talk politics, both bu$h and O’Bombya would gladly use me as disposable human cattle to murder little kids just to see their oil shares go up…

      both the “right wing” and “left wing” are corrupt beyond redemption…

      these are my feelings on the matter and if you disagree, that’s your choice, feel free to delete me from your blog roll….

      1. Chill bro – I was just asking a question.

        When you say he is pedaling Roissy/Heartiste – what do you mean?

        I know he is right wing too – so – no need to talk politics. I hate politics – unless I am making fun of them.

        I am not going to delete you from my blog roll dude…

        ‘Twas just a question.

        I do not agree with everything you post – but I find that you tend to have a unique way of looking at things – it is refreshing.

        Your blog is awesome.

      2. Thanks….

        he is promoting someone who is in my view misandrist while still using the label MRA-Men’s Rights Advocate. He is not promoting something that is friendly to many men-therefore it is hypocritical/bait and switch. It’s similar to all the WN’s who tried to get onboard with the so-called MRM.

        Now, if you take a look, I have linked to articles such as those by “The Rational Male” because I thought they were interesting, not because I endorsed his worldview and he does have links to Roissy/Heartitste. Now that may be a “double standard” however, so far as I know, he doesn’t identify as an MRA and doesn’t presume to “speak for all men.” So, for example, while I wouldn’t necessarily get in an argument with “the average woman on the street” if she expects a man to pay for a date, I would with a feminist who “claims to be about equality.”

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