…more on why I’m not an MRA and why do sub-par men perpetuate the Nice Guy ™ meme…

…so I was reading some eve-psychy type blog where they talked about a pride of lions. 7 out of 10 male cubs would not make it to adulthood. Of the three that did, one would be cast out to hunt on his own. The other two would be that whole PUA dichotomy of alpha and beta. That is one got all the pussy and the other was there to help with the heavy lifting. Well, I haven’t studied lions and I don’t know how accurate this is. However….

I’ve read thousands of articles across the gendersphere. I’ve even adopted a few MRA talking points on this blog. But, I’ve never fully fit in with that crowd. Truth be told, I don’t have very many male friends in real life. I’ve always hated sports and never been a “guy’s guy.” Leave the “all male spaces” to guys like Matt Forney, Jack Donovan and everyone’s favorite “white guy with a tan,” Roosh. I don’t want to know what happens when they get blackout drunk, but I bet they feel sore sitting on hard surfaces the next day. So I read a PUA blog where he talked about “cockblocking.” Long story short, most men aren’t your friend’s, they are your competitors. This is the main reason a men’s right movement will fail. Or as a snarky commenter once said, “Most MRA’s are one blow job away from not being MRA’s.”

Those feminist’s with all their talk of patriarchy don’t know shit. Look how men will gladly send other men to die in worthless wars for oil. Look how men will gladly let other men toil away for low wages and tell them to man-up. Look at how all those alter-righty types look up to the 1% and still believe in the trickle down effect. Yeah, Mr. GL Piggy, RMoney was gonna save you from the MSM, SWPL’s, the POC’s and NAM’s, but could anyone save you from having your head that far up your @$$. It is ironic how other men will believe all the fairy tales that if they just “man-up” the world will be their oyster. Think I’m over exaggerating? Just go read some manosphere blogs and look at all the White Nationalists and other assorted crack-pots. Those shitheads aren’t my “brothers.” Patriarchy schmatriarchy, there is no secret conspiracy where men all collude together to opress women, if anything, same gender competition is the most cutthroat.

Interestingly enough, I read an amazing comment by Jacalope

The problem is that the Nice Guy is the target of a modern witch hunt. The Nice Guy is considered a target, a wounded man because he dares speak out about his loneliness. Women don’t like that, and men who are too obsessed with sexual competition, see him as a target. All the nasty things said about nice guys are nothing but rationalizations for women having no compassion for emotionally distressed men, and men following their animal competitive instinct.

Before we can address the attack on nice guys, first we need to know what it is based on. It is not based on what women say it is. It is based on the feeding frenzy instinct, the desire for women to cull men from the herd to reduce unwanted attention, and for men it is to reduce competition.

I’ve said before that fatuous Manboobz bigot is a bully. Why is he so invested in the Nice Guy meme? Could it be that it is easier (and politically safe) for him to bully men who dare show their loneliness and vulnerability on the web than to get the McDonald’s cheeseburger and diet soda outta his face and get on a mountianbike? Battering shy, lonely men about their lack of sexual success doesn’t seem like any social justice movement I’d want to be a part of, or is that Social Justice ™. Maybe, you missed the Nice Guys of Okay Cupid debackle, well, even a moderate in the gender debate, Ally Fogg is starting to call out some of the bullying.

These are not rank misogynists and wannabe rapists, they’re not even showing any particular sense of privilege or entitlement. On the contrary, many of the entries come across as more self-pitying, bitter or pathetic than those above. Those are not attractive qualities, but they are sadly common among people who are at an extremely low ebb emotionally, or struggling with depression. I think it is not only immoral, but potentially dangerous to place them in the 21st Century equivalent of the medieval stocks to be mocked, abused and humiliated. The blog struck me less as a blow against privilege, and more as ugly bullying of people who already feel like losers.

…and, yeah, I did use some shaming language–go look at the bloggers I attacked. If anything, they’re the types who can dish it out but not take it. And I’ll leave it there….

24 thoughts on “…more on why I’m not an MRA and why do sub-par men perpetuate the Nice Guy ™ meme…

  1. “I’ve read thousands of articles across the gendersphere.”

    Not even paragraphs, snowflake. You’re so full of shit you could float.

    1. PS: One thing I will give you credit for is knowing a bullshit blog when you see one. Matt Forney and Jack Donovan are two of the most pathetically insecure little weiners on the internet. Anyone that needs to talk about their manhood to the lengths they do is clearly as insecure as Jessica Valenti.

      Fight Club was a mediocre novel and mediocre movie, but one thing it got right: First rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club. Talking is all those roaches do. Forney and Donovan know less about masculinity than they do about Italian cuisine.

      When you can tell your enemies from your friends, you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. But when you presume to tell the tribe who they should be, you’re just one more asshole that needs to die and be gone.

  2. Hmmm. As usual, I think that the “gendersphere” MISSes some key points.

    Suppose somebody is bitter and angry – like say, a woman not getting any dick because she believes men are all pigs/rapists/pedophiles/abusive/oppressive etc…

    Yes, I know, this is a stretch – but let’s just suppose that such a hypothetical woman exists.

    Now, lets make another hypothetical assumption – that this bitter angry woman wants to vent her frustrations at men out on A MAN.

    Who would she do that to?

    Some guy that has been to prison for slitting some past girlfriends throat – or beating up some past girlfriends etc…?

    Or some guy that was raised properly by his parents to NOT be a complete psycho – and resolve conflicts in a manner other than physical violence?

    I;d wager a guess that the latter would be the case.

    Of course, this is all hypothetical.

    We all know that there really are no women who view men as being oppressive/abusive/pigs/rapists/pedophiles – after all – it is not like we live in a society where women are constantly bombarded with images of men being like that…

    Also, no women are going to be bitter about such things – since women are not bombarded with crap like that…


    The term, “nice guy” is just as fucked up in the man-o-sphere as it is in feminist circles.

    1. just look how a scumbag like Hugo Schwyzer (who attempted to kill an ex in a drug fueled rage) is exalted in certain circles but how incel and shy men are portrayed as the lowest subhuman scum in the universe…

  3. It’s true that shy and lonely men are self-identifying as ‘easy prey.’ What’s sad is that by opening up and sharing their feelings, they’re doing exactly what feminist women SAID they wanted men to do.

    Only now do the feminists realize that they’re disgusted by what they claimed to want. And the men who were foolish enough to pay attention to them are paying the price.

  4. You ever notice how designated Nice Guys are held to higher standards of “niceness” than everyone else. Like, if a woman bitches about males with a “pump ‘n’ dump” mentality (even if said male warned her beforehand), she’ll get all the tea and sympathy in the world, with no question of her “sweetness and light”.

    Genderflip that scenario and..hoo, boy!

    As Copyleft said, these blokes are getting the shaft for going along with the professed “Progressive” programme of feminism. Perhaps the exhortation for men to share their feelings is one elaborate, Socially Darwinistic “shit test”.

  5. The question is why you think the blogosphere is the whole world. Extremely few people offline knows who Manboobz is, so why do you care what he says?

    The vast majority of women think “nice guy” is a compliment, and around here, young women say they are looking for a nice guy. Maybe you should move to a more conservative area and get offline and engage in real life more often, so you are aware of this social dynamic.

    bully men who dare show their loneliness and vulnerability on the web

    Why don’t they get out in the REAL WORLD and maybe they wouldn’t be so lonely? Maybe the WEB is the point, not the loneliness. There is a lot of egotism is constant venting of feelings, whether it comes from women or men.

    The egotism is the point, not whether you are nice or not.

    If anything, they’re the types who can dish it out but not take it.

    I can certainly take it. What I can’t take is stupidity from people (including the social justice tumblrites) who seem to believethe blogosphere is tantamount to REAL LIFE, when it only bears a passing resemblance. Sometimes.

      1. Well, I’ve never seen her accuse you of being a misogynist. She just makes these incoherent rants that are all over the place and have nothing to do with you.

        It’s like she’s not even responding to your post (the one she’s commenting under). Because her comment usually has absolutely nothing to do with what you’ve said.

        She/He is really weird. Perhaps it’s an automated bot?

      2. oh, she’s very real…

        she’s all over genderratic-I think she purposely misunderstands things to pick fights….

        I told her she was like Manboobz in her argument style…

  6. I agree about the MRA thing, I loosely kind of found these blogs through that, but the more I read of MRA the more I think it is just butt-hurt men. Injustice was probably done to them certainly, but one offer of sex and they are gone. No ideals.

    Puas are just as bad.

    I have for now settled on the whole mgtow as a middle ground. Thoughts?

    1. I am closest to MGTOW/grasseater of the three main ideologies in the manosphere…

      MRA as it stands now is a parody of feminism or a reaction against feminism. Some say MGTOW is a parody of lesbian separatist feminism. MGTOW is born of different circumstances and cultural conditions and most MGTOW’s are heterosexual. MGTOW can be a lonely path but depending on your personal circumstances it may be the most dignified…

  7. Alek: Well, I’ve never seen her accuse you of being a misogynist. She just makes these incoherent rants that are all over the place and have nothing to do with you.

    It’s like she’s not even responding to your post (the one she’s commenting under). Because her comment usually has absolutely nothing to do with what you’ve said.

    She/He is really weird. Perhaps it’s an automated bot?

    I didn’t say Stoner was a misogynist and never have. I don’t believe he is. Again, speaking of reading comprehension…

    What is “incoherent” about what I said? I commented directly about Manboobz (mentioned in nearly every post SWAB does, including the OP) and asked, what is the big deal about him? Why is he so important? How does he have anything to do with dating or the women SWAB meets in real life? And why is this an incoherent question? I honestly do not understand why you all are so obsessed with him. I ask because I am genuinely curious. (I never get an answer to this question, which just makes me MORE curious.)

    And yes, I know… whenever I mention “real life” to you guys, you blink, horribly confused, like I have suddenly used this other language or like I am talking about walking on the moon. But there IS a real world out there that does not live its life by gender-blogosphere rules… really. Open your door and look out, ITS THERE, I swear it is.

    In this real life and real world you never visit, the term “nice guy” is a compliment, not an insult, and it means, you know, a nice guy (or what we used to call a “regular” guy, or a mensch). Maybe you should try hanging out there instead of nursing blogospheric grudges against people you have never met.

    I have commented on Alek’s blog before; he even quoted me once and I replied. I guess he has long forgotten.

  8. I told her she was like Manboobz in her argument style…

    I guess that is the ultimate insult in your world, huh?

    I only read Manboobz recently (out of curiosity, since you all give him endless commercials and talk him up so much), and do not always agree with him, but I guess this is just some shorthand for the people you dislike? I see little I have in common with him, his subject matter or language. No, we do not argue alike. I stole my argument style from Harlan Ellison and I admit it.

    Still don’t understand why Manboobz is the big bad boogie man. Can’t I have just a little clue?

  9. Why does he rate at least one comment about him a week on here, sometimes several days of posts in a row? Just for arguing a certain way? Come on, that can’t be it. (If not, why don’t you blog about me as often as you do him?)

    He pushes your buttons in some very particular way, and I am trying to figure out what it is that gets to you guys so much.

    Are you not even aware of it yourself? Is that it?

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