…getting fuct on social media…

I don’t do twitter or facebook…

Haha, and if I did have a twitter account, it wouldn’t scream hard working perfeshunal….

It would probably have different versions of the Harlem Shake. That stuff Never gets old.

–and just to show I’m not a hater, here’s one for the ladies and all the dongle huffing WN alter-righties…

…and now that we’re on the topic of dongles, I’m sure you’ve heard of Donglegate. Hehe, someone made an innapropriate joke and now two people don’t have jobs. I thought, well, it’s one thing to inform a venue that someone is violating the terms of service and have them booted out. It’s a whole other to shame them on the internet and cause one to lose their job. Well, if your the shamer and you also cause your employer to get hit with a DOS Attack it’s only fair that you are also in the unemployment line in this day of at-will employment. (Or maybe she planned it and there’ll be a huge lawsuit.) Seems like every couple of days you hear about someone putting their foot in their mouth on twitter and then trying to apologize. Seems like it’s better not to mess with the whole thing…

and, for someone who would like to go ghost, fucking social media seems pretty needy. Hahaha, when you stop seeing blog posts, hopefully that’ll be good news for me. I’ll be off on some tropical island, sitting on a beach with no connection to my mean spirited family. Sitting on a pile of cash without any worries. My only friend will be my dog. I’ll eat well and maybe keep a small rotation of high class prostitutes. I’ll pretty much be a hermit otherwise….

2 thoughts on “…getting fuct on social media…

  1. My only friend will be my dog. I’ll eat well and maybe keep a small rotation of high class prostitutes.

    This says a lot about you, but I don’t think you realize what it is.

    Meanwhile, if a woman said this? She’d be roasted alive as a misandrist… (sigh)

  2. hahahaha…

    you will say “misogynist.” Well, how is paying for sexual services from consenting adults hatred of women. If you really want to extrapolate, call me a misanthrope as I prefer the company of canines to humans…

    and , since I am most likely taking myself out of the gene pool, you should send me some feminist cookies. I’d give ya the PO box but I don’t want to open a box of explosives 😉

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