War with Daisy

okay Daisy…

first off you were never blocked from my blog….

comments went into the spam filter which I only sometimes check. It’s probably a blogspot thing….

No I do not want an echo chamber, you can see that I am much more open to dissent than many of your “sisters.”

Yes, I concede, you never called me a misogynist, I read one of your comments as “implying” that….

I am sick of going back and forth in comments so her is your post, you are not on moderation, you can say pretty much anything you want in reply here…

I will also stop referencing things said from genderratic unless I specifically link to it…

Yes, I distrust feminists, my mom is one and a second waver at that, she is a meanie and took out the rage on me that she couldn’t take out on my dad. Somehow, though, there’s a double standard, a woman hurt by a man gets to distrust all men but a man hurt by a woman is supposed to just get over it.

I’m not replying point by point in the previous comments, if you want to discuss a specific thing, drop a link to what was said before so I can reference that…

If you want to discuss a new thing than discuss that…

You can’t say that you are being ignored…

Have at it…

2 thoughts on “War with Daisy

  1. I have no idea what you are angry with me about. I answered all of your criticisms, then when I do, you get mad and post this. (?) What exactly is the issue?

    I am still looking forward to an answer to my question about what the big attraction to Manboobz is, and why he gets so much attention from you? Are his arguments better or what? As I said, I am genuinely curious. (Are you unaware of how obsessed you seem with him?)

    Also, if your mother was a feminist and Second Waver, can I ask why you seem not to know much about feminism or Second Wave theory?

    I would respectfully ask if you could please not implicate me in your Freudian drama with your mom; I am not your mom. At least you are admitting its a Freudian drama; most sons of feminists only admit this when it slips out while they are arguing. But I will spare you my familial dramas if you will spare me yours.

    And further, just because you had a bad experience with ____ does not mean all ____ are bad. As a minority person, you should understand that such generalizations are often the basis for much prejudice in the world.

    1. As far as Manboobz-the guy is a bigot and a bully…

      I tried being polite and rational….


      He had it in for me, so, what’ya know, he decides to take part of something I said, put his own words changing the entire ark, then put a flashing sarcasm button after it for plausible deniability. There is a need for men’s rights (not to be conflated with the MRA) that dirtbag is mocking real suffering and saying it doesn’t matter….

      And I stand by what I’ve said, the whole Nice Guy ™ thing is just to bash shy lonely guys.

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