….MRA’s, MGTOW’s, PUA’s-Male Disposability….

Well, it’s becoming obvious that the three major ideologies within the manosphere are splitting up. Look at Roosh bashing MRA’s. And of course, MGTOW’s berate PUA’s as pussybeggars. There are other ideologies within the manosphere such as alter-righties. And of course, there was that clusterfuck Inmalafide. You had White Nationalists and all other sorts getting into all kinds of fights.

Anyways, lets see how a PUA, MRA and MGTOW may look upon male disposability.


“It’s my job to “man up” and hit on/cold approach women. What’s a few drinks thrown in the face and hundreds of rejections for some sweet, tight poontang. Those other men with approach anxiety are beta mangina’s and average frustrated chumps who will go home to their hand and cry themselves to sleep with incel hate-rage.”

I’ll give PUA’s credit for one thing, in modern culture it is men who are expected to make sexual advances and take the risky initiative–and they acknowledge that reality without question. Sure, a woman may give off signals that she would like to be approached. She might even start conversations or lightly flirt. That being said, most men aside from rockstars and professional athletes will find casual sex and one night stands hard to come by. And many men might not even consider that a worthy goal. But if that’s you, well, I guess you can become a rockstar or make a shit-ton of cold approaches, let us know how it all works out-I’d love to check out the album…

Now rejection sucks. I tried online dating and had a disaster date. I’ve thought about blogging about the experience but even under a pseudonym, I’d rather not be laughed at online. It felt worse than being punched in the stomach and I woke up feeling down the next day. A similarly painful experience to when I was trying to find a job. I believe the reason that men are put into the initiator role is because of “male disposability.” There could be other reasons such as men having higher on average libidos (that is to say men as a group have higher libido’s although you may find women with libido’s far higher than the average man.) I asked feminist Clarisse Thorn if the reasons why men were left to the the heavy lifting of initiating and escalating a sexual encounter/relationship.

This was her reply:

“I don’t really care whether the difference is cultural or biological; those puzzles are impossible to untangle with humanity’s current toolset. I’m more interested in observing what’s actually going on and dealing with it.”

Her response seems to line up with PUA’s, “who cares why men are in this situation, make lots of approaches, quit being a sissy boy and deal with it.”

to be continued….

23 thoughts on “….MRA’s, MGTOW’s, PUA’s-Male Disposability….

  1. If you decide not to get laid that is your choice. The truth is getting laid isnt impossible for anyone. It may be more difficult for some, but hey, even reading is harder for some individuals. I think if you arent willing to put the effort in or maybe lower your standards to your own level then people should get bitching about it. Oh yeah, there is another way that word can be used.


    1. You completely missed the point SWAB was making. There is no bitching involved.

      LOOK AT ME for example. I lie on the opposite spectrum of SWAB, I hit on a ton of chicks and get laid proportionally as much (far more than most get laid gurus).

      But I hold the online record on ranting about this subject (female laziness and men being forced to take all agency, risk etc).

      And I don’t even feel “rejection”, so I’m the exact opposite of SWAB on that end too, yet I criticize this gender imposition. You can’t use the “it’s coz you can’t manup and get laid” retort on me, can you?

      My motivation is from a sociologist perspective and from an “intellectual dishonesty hatred” angle.

      MY MAIN anger is NOT that men do all the work while women get to enjoy effort-free sex-lives… My main anger is that society won’t ADMIT IT or give men CREDIT for it.

      My anger is at the quadruple binds it ties to that role “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.

      Unlike MRAs, my anger isn’t that society expects men to sacrifice and pamper women. My anger is that society won’t OPENLY admit it does so…

      My anger isn’t that women reward assertiveness, rejection-insensitivity and sexual persistence… My anger is that women LIE to little boys and mislead them about it.

      1. Unlike MRAs, my anger isn’t that society expects men to sacrifice and pamper women. My anger is that society won’t OPENLY admit it does so… (Alex)

        Whatever floats your boat I guess. I tend to save my anger for other things. Now, that is not to say yours is wrong, Im just thinking its a little misguided. My take on life is that it is very much like a bunch of games. Some I like(and decide to play), others, not so much. The challenge with all games is that some people are better than me, some people cheat(more than me) 😉
        and some are just not worth playing. But, it is my decision not to play so I cant complain if I don’t win when I decide not to play. As far as society giving men credit, that reminds me of looking back for my mom when I did a good play and she wasn’t looking. Kinda sucked, but hey, that’s life. 🙂

      2. Really, shut up? You must be tough or you liked getting your ass kicked. I have a sneaky suspicion………….

      3. I don’t consider 2nd grade canned gender-shaming tactics to be a form of ass-kicking, merely intellectual laziness.

        You went from the “can’t get laid loser” to the “oh well growing up is about accepting” tripe, both of which are canned and not your original though in any way, shape or form.

        If you have nothing to add despite advising us to merely “accept and shut up” about male gender roles, then I bid you farewell…

        Your unsolicited “advice” is not welcome.

      4. Alex

        Public blog, not private conversation. Because my thoughts don’t match your obvious intellectual superiority does not make them invalid. You may be surprised to know that I support and believe in many of the things you do but I do think the way you present it does sound a bit like whining. Im sure if we were hashing this out over a beer or whatever you would be drinking you might not tell me to shut up to my face. Unless of course you were one of my friends. One of my beefs with your reasoning is that not ALL women lie and not ALL little boys believe the ones who do.

      5. Actually you wouldn’t have the balls to to try to shame me in real life either dumbass or give me “advice”.

        Two, I never said “all” women anything asswipe… Both you and me are talking in generalities.

      6. My anger is that women LIE to little boys and mislead them about it. (Alex)

        I must be reading it wrong, where does it say, in general “some women” and “some little boys”??

        If we were having this discussion in person I would talk the way I write. I would also ask you kindly to not call me an asshole. And depending on how big and tough you are I might ask you to go for a walk if you didn’t stop.

      7. Listen fucktard, you marched in here calling people whiners and telling them they’re sensitive losers who can’t get laid.

        Is your last grasping straw going to be arguing about the precision of language. You’re obviously not so retarded that when you read the sentence “women do x” that you think it means “every woman in the history of humankind anywhere”. You and most above 40iq people can parse a generalization just fine without it being spelled out to you.


        You came in here trying to male-gender-role shame and it failed.

        THE END

      8. intellectual dishonesty.(Alex)

        And that is always a perspective………….
        Question, are you American?

  2. lol, that should read “quit biching about it”. I guess I need to work harder on my reading and writing skills. 🙂

    1. your missing the point…

      it’s about the disposability involved in rejection…

      as far as the league thing-how is someone in your league or not?

      Is that why prostitution is illegal? Because with cash someone can have sex with someone outside his caste?

  3. it’s about the disposability involved in rejection…(Stoner)

    We all get rejected for something at some point in our lives. If you decide your disposable because of that…….well………

    as far as the league thing-how is someone in your league or not?(Stoner)

    If you cant answer this one then you really are living in a fantasy world.

    1. titfortat,
      I suppose you don’t live in a fantasy world and hence can answer the question:
      “how is someone in your league or not?”
      Would you please?

    2. still no answer, I guess we aren’t talking about NHL or NFL, not that I know much about sports–after all you are not allowed to watch sports or own guns in the United States if you don’t pass the Manhood 101 test.

      also, so I’ve been told that it’s misogynistic to assume that women are all automatons turned on by exactly the same things. If that were so, then maybe they’d be like vending machines who after having the right buttons pushed dispense pussy–but that would be a horrible thing to say as well as likely untrue. I don’t know that it’s untrue because I am a bitter keyboard jockey with a realllllly smallllll penis who lives in my mom’s basement and would urinate my pants (as well as start crying) if I came within 500 feet of a woman who wasn’t a blood relative. I’d also be a cronic masturbator if it didn’t require a pair of tweezers and a microscope to bring myself to orgasm.

      I’m surprised Mr. Tit Mouse, that your at my blog, the Good Men Project is having the Real Man Penis Measuring Contest ™ hosted by Hugo Schwyzer, Jack Donovan and GL Piggy. Only Real Men ™ apply-so that means I have to whip myself with a flogger because I am a subhuman POS Nice Guy ™….

      1. Stoner

        You know enough about sports to realize if you cant run, pass, catch, shoot, comparably along side someone else who is playing, then obviously, you are not in the same league. By the way, like you, I think most of what GMP espouses is garbage. Though it does have the odd gem once in a while.

  4. Hey, I am still new to blogging, but I see like a comment from you about my most recent post, but no actual comment, was it a pingback or whatever those are called?

    OT: As per usual of PUA, they succesfully point out women hypocrisy, but fail to see their own.

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