….Roosh articles that never were….

So far as I know, everyone’s fav Love Terrorist didn’t write articles with titles like these but it would be funny if he did…

How to Make Friends in the Manosphere: Tell Chuck Rudd and all the HBD Race Realists You’re Really a White Guy With a Tan

Anything for the Notch (Even a Dude): 13 Days with No Lays, Time to Call Jack Donovan

Nude Beach PUA: Don’t Get Deflated when the Babes Laugh At Your “Manhood”

Ethical Pickup Artistry: What You Need to Know About Roofies–the Fine Line Between Unconsciousness and Death (Co-Written By Clarisse Thorn)

hehe, feel free to ad some of your own in the comments section…

6 thoughts on “….Roosh articles that never were….

    1. If he was “just a guy playing the numbers game” I wouldn’t have a thing against him.

      Short of doxxing myself, go take a look over at his forum and see, He’s got things against guys like me, and maybe you too. Fuck that guy, he can have a threesome with Matt Forney and Jack Donovan while Manboobz watches….

      1. What I have against Roosh is that he is a poser. He plays the numbers game, sleeping with one woman every 100 approaches just like me. You keep approaching till you run into a horny one. It’s that simple. It’s just a thick skin. Yet, he has the temerity to call what he does, “game”. He has no game to teach people.

      2. Yes, they do bash men who are simply unfortunate. This lack of empathy for those not as fortunate as them is simply despicable.

        As for AD, that is just one sick puppy. I mean what sort of a person takes pleasure in a young girl being eaten alive by a bear? And what sort of a person broadcasts that pleasure to the rest of the world? The bastard actually seems to be proud of it. To me, there is no difference between AD and the people who ran the Nazi concentration camps or the Siberian Gulag under Stalin.

        No matter how despicable Roosh and his ilk may be, they would not take pleasure in someone being eaten alive.

      3. pussyhound…

        AD has said reprehensible things, I think (but don’t know as I ain’t a mind reader) that it’s for show…

        He talks about sociopaths as if he envies them, he is a pretendiopath perhaps….

        Roosh takes advantage of socially acceptable misandry to bash low status men. He hides behind acceptable prejudices whilst pretending to be a cool guy. That’s cowardice in my book.

        If you think AD is worse, fine by me…

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